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adding a 2nd set of horses to the stage coach

is it possible? i am new to customizing but i would like to add another 2 or 4 horses to the stagecoach...any thoughts? any one else done it? pics? thanks


  • sweetness34sweetness34 San Diego, CA.Member Posts: 353
    I was wondering this also, I just won a lot of 5 white horses off ebay and was looking to have a team of 6 white horses to pull the coach.
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,548
    assuming they haven't used a completely new element in the set design, i would imagine you'd be able to repeat the same method as the first two... or certainly be able to rig a new connection, what with that being the point of lego.

    But honestly, i don't know for sure... must be... surely... but yes, I'd like to see pictures of it done, too.
  • EKSamEKSam Member Posts: 349
    It should be fairly easy, how about using instructions from #7188 for the lead pair of horses?
  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 337
    I was also thinking of something like this for a horse drawn hearse for Monster Fighters but using the skeleton horses.
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,145
    Someone should continue with this and see what 6 or 8 look like! Only fitting for the king and queen.
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332
    I have to say, I much prefer the 1 wide connection they used to use, like in #6055
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,534
    ^Yeah, the 2 wide does make it a bit bulky, I was just continuing the design with the parts I had.

    A castle buddy suggested using
    to make it less bulky.

    That first part is currently brand new and only in three 2013 sets. Once it become more widely available I may give it a try.

    Thanks for all you likes guys and gals.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,001
    They are only 11p if bought through bricks and pieces. Or just use a jumper with a 1x1 clip on top.
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332
    Yep, didnt mean it as criticism of your extension, which like you say has to be the same as the original. Rather I was bemoaning the original.

    Are those old one wide ones available in nicer colours or just blue etc.
  • clowndiscuslegoclowndiscuslego Member Posts: 97
    how will the stagecoach work out? i think it would be great to have a team of 4 or 6 horses
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,950
    ^Just looking at the instructions online (I don't own the set), it looks like it could be quite hard (as the horses have those 'harness' pieces, not the bar straight through the middle like the King's Carriage), especially if you want little ropes to go to all the horses. Of course, you could do like @andhe did with the bar for each pair and articulated joints between them and finish off with the 'original' harness construction in front.
  • skeet318skeet318 Banned Posts: 375
    Take the horses off and hitch up Superman instead.
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