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80ies Canada Samsonite Castle sets

boba_jagoda2boba_jagoda2 Member Posts: 25

I am trying to figure out which castle sets have been released by Samsonite in Canada in the 80ies. They would have solid plastic display trays (gray or blue) instead of clear plastic ones.

So far, these are the "confirmed" ones:

6061 - gray
6073 - gray
6080 - gray

6066 - blue, gray (no pic)
6085 - blue, gray (no pic)

I have no picture for gray 6066, 6085.
Can somebody recall something about 1986 sets 6067, 6074?
Do they come in "samsonite version"?
What about later sets 6077, 6071, 6081?
I would appreciate any info.


  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    Not sure about what was sent to CA but in the US Samsonite stopped producing Lego in the 1970's. I had 6080, 6073 back in the day and they both had a grey liner in the box. I dont know about the other sets as I have bought them used.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh and check peeron for a list of what Samsonite produced in the Lego brand.
  • JpegJpeg Member Posts: 22
    As a collector of Canadian sets from the 80s I can answer some of your questions.
    Samsonite Canada continued packaging and distribution of Lego under license after Lego took over in the US. They issued European versions of the sets (with European versions and set numbers) but with sturdy, re-sealable Samsonite boxes.
    Not sure about 6081 Kings Mountain Fortress (and my catalogues are packed away at the moment so I can't check), but I can confirm Canadian versions of the other sets you mentioned, except 6077 - Samsonite put out a version of 677 instead (in '79).
    Samsonite stopped the packaging and distribution in about 1987/88 but under Lego Canada, they still had different printing on the boxes until the early 90s (with bilingual info on the front and sides). This became redundant when Lego started issuing the "trilingual" boxes with Spanish as well (for Mexico).
  • boba_jagoda2boba_jagoda2 Member Posts: 25
    Thank you.
    These are the sets I mentioned above:
    (the non-transparent inlay is what I'm interested in, so only the bigger sets)

    From what you're telling me there should also be samsonite versions (refering to inlays) of the following castle boxes:
    1986: 6067, 6074
    1987: 6062
    but no gray/blue inlays for the later:
    1989: 6077 (I was refering to the forestmen set, not '79 castle)
    1990: 6071, 6081

    If somebody comes across any images, I would like to see them :)
  • JpegJpeg Member Posts: 22
    Sorry - I could provide pics but my sets are all stored in various boxes at the moment. 6077 Forestmen isn't a Canadian set as far as I know - i.e. it's not in the catalogues and I've never seen one in eBay...
    I have a Canadian version of 6071 and I think it has a solid inlay - I might be able to find that one possibly! Will let you know if I do.
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