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Wanted: (UK) Rohan Soldiers/Haldir/Eomer.

JAWSJAWS Member Posts: 79
Hi I'm looking to trade for Rohan soldiers, Haldir, Eomer and Horse.

My Trade List:


Series 1
Cheerleader (open no packet)
Forestman (open no packet)
Nurse (open no packet)
Series 3
Snowboarder (open with packet)
Series 4
Punk Rocker (open no packet)
Sailor (open no packet)
Hazmat Guy (open no packet)
Series 5
Ice Fisherman (open no packet)
Lumberjack (open no packet)
Detective (open no packet)
Boxer (open no packet)
Snowboarder Guy (open no packet)
Series 6
Highland Battler x 2 (sealed)
Lady Liberty (sealed)
Bandit (sealed)
Leprechaun (sealed)
Surgeon (open with packet)
Intergalactic Girl (open with packet)
Butcher (sealed)
Genie (open with packet)
Series 7
Tennis Ace (open with packet)
Grandma Visitor (open with packet)
Series 9
Judge (open with packet)
Alien Avenger (open with packet)
Battle Mech (open with packet)
Forest Maiden (open with Packet)
Team GB
Wondrous Weightlifter (open no packet)
Stealth Swimmer (open no packet)

I will trade more than one for one so PM me an offer and we will come to an arrangement.


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