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Is there a worse set for stickers than the 10219 Maersk Train?

wagnerml2wagnerml2 Belleville, IllinoisMember Posts: 1,376
edited August 2011 in Collecting
I just finished my second copy of this set and for a SECOND time I had to peel stickers off and re-apply several times. I love this set, but the stickers are a P-A-I-N! Is there a worse set for stickers? I can't think of one.


  • collect_thatcollect_that Kidderminster, EnglandMember Posts: 1,327
    Anything with stickers is a pain!
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,645
    Id imagine 6542 is no picnic
  • dimefielddimefield Edmonton Alberta CanadaMember Posts: 314
    try 8041-1 Race truck...
  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Chicago Burbs USA (and sometimes Ireland)Member Posts: 1,003
    When the first review came out of this set, I really ripped on the stickers based on what I could see in the pictures. There was a lot of ooohing and aaaahing about the set and how great it was supposed to be, but I couldn't understand why, given the stickers.
  • yys4uyys4u USA SoCalMember Posts: 1,093
    how bout the maersk cargo boat? I don't know the set number but that one looked like it had a HUGE amount of stickers...
  • cbowerscbowers Member Posts: 21
    any of the racers if you're into it
  • LukeSkywalkerLukeSkywalker IrelandMember Posts: 231
    The worst thing about this set is that there are stickers that need to be applied across multiple pieces (at the front of the train). It means that those pieces can't be separated later without removing the sticker, which is just a headache. Multiple-piece stickers should be outlawed (and if I had it my way, stickers should be replaced by printed pieces altogether).
  • wagnerml2wagnerml2 Belleville, IllinoisMember Posts: 1,376
    @cbowers - you got that one right. I just put together the wreckage road set for my son that I got on clearance. The sticker/piece ratio is awful in that set. @LukeSkywalker - I wholly agree on the multiple piece stickers. The other problem is that the stickers have to be applied on cheese slopes and the like that are difficult to center, especially for those of us with fat stubby fingers!
  • sramsram Member Posts: 60
    I was so pleased with the Western Train (Toy Story train set) chase. There were no stickers! I was not sure when was the last time I dealt with a set that size with no stickers. The pleasure was unmistakable :-)
  • GalactusGalactus NLMember Posts: 260
    I've had a lot of trouble getting the stickers for the 6541 cargo ship on straight. Two small (1/2 by 14 studs) sticker across mutliple pieces. Now I come to think of it, those blue bricks are stuck together for 20 long years now...
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