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Wanted: B-Wing #10227 Buy or Trade

BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
Hi all,

I'm after a B-Wing #10227, this is assuming that they are 50% off in the US during the May 4th sale. I already have a couple of awesome Brickseters who have offered to help out (which is great and much appreciated).

I thought I would also ask here though, just as a backup in case it is limited to 1 per customer as the two members offering will be getting one for there own collection.

So if any one else happens to be able to get a B-wing that they are happy to pass on I'd be very grateful.

I'm hoping to pay up to $200 shipped (i estimate shipping should be around the $65 mark to Australia) I do have some sets to trade or even for a partial trade if that is prefered. Sets such as The Zombies, full sets of the Shell Fererri promo Poly's & The Stig key ring. I also have a couple of older large Ferrari sets.

Thanks for your help :)


  • BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
    Firstly thanks to those members who contacted me and tried to help me out. Unfortunately I haven't been able to secure a B-Wing yet.

    I am located in Australia and postage seems to be the biggest headache. I can buy one from else where for a little more then I wanted to spend but I really wanted to try and trade some sets I already have.

    My trade list is:

    #9465 The Zombies x 6
    #7347 Highway Pickup x3
    #8654 Scuderia Ferrari Truck x 1 (Box opened but sealed bags and stickers).
    #21009 Farnsworth House x 1
    #10216 Winter Village Bakery x 1

    #40026 Statue Of Liberty Poly x7
    #40025 New York Taxi Poly x 7
    Full sets (7) of the Shell Ferrari promo Poly's x 2
    The Stig key ring. x 2

    I'm thinking something along the lines of:

    2 x The Zombies #9465 + Top Gear The Stig Keying, NY City Taxi & Statue of Liberty Polys.

    If any one is interested, please let me know, it might be worth you checking what the B-Wing will cost you to ship to Australia.

    Dimensions as listed on Bricklink:
    Weight: 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
    Size: 23in x 15in x 6in (58cm x 38cm x 13cm)

    You would need to take into consideration the size and weight of the shipping box, I don't want the B-Wing de-boxed but am happy for it to be placed in a modified box that snuggly fits the B-Wing box.

    Thank You
  • joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
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