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Does WalMart restock polybags?

tne328tne328 Member Posts: 3
edited May 2013 in Buying & Selling Topics
I'm hoping to give myself the Mini Mech (30230) around July 4, but as I've kept my eyes open at the 2 nearest WalMarts, I haven't seen either GS polybag yet, and when I asked an employee today, she said that they had had them around Easter but not since then, and also that they can't order those, they just get shipped. Can I hope to see more in soon, or do they sometimes just make one run of some polybags? It's just the kind of small "expendable" space vehicle we haven't seen in a while, and I'd hate to think I'd missed my shot.
Any insights would be appreciated, thanks!


  • tne328tne328 Member Posts: 3
    I should also add that I am in Indiana
  • JenniJenni JapanMember Posts: 1,390
    Over the last year I've been buying polybags at Walmart it seems that they get one shipment, or sometimes none, and that's it. Sometimes the box doesn't make it out onto the floor for a while so if you have a Walmart that didn't have them at Easter you could ask them to check if it's in storage somewhere, or just keep an eye out for them.
  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242
    More than likely you're out of luck at this point.
    Hit up the trading forums as I know quite a few people keep spares of Poly around for trading. I know I do.
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    Usually one and done in my experience. I've never seen a restock of poly's at Walmart. PM me if you want some GS poly's as I have both.
  • tne328tne328 Member Posts: 3
    OK, Thanks. It's bummer to find out, but at least I know now.
  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242
    I did actually see a restock here in OR, but it was within two weeks of them being sold out the first time.
    So its possible but this long out... highly unlikely.
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor USAMember Posts: 1,257
    TRU may get them, as is the case with the Z-95 now.
  • norm103norm103 Member Posts: 287
    My Walmart still has some if u need me to get you some
  • lulwutlulwut Member Posts: 416
    Nope. The places I found earlier had them and when they were gone, they were gone. I believe someone on here even mentioned they were clearanced for $1 each.
  • meyerc13meyerc13 Member Posts: 227
    They don't restock, but some didn't put out their stock initially. One of my Wal Marts just put out their Friends display now. These are usually tied to a holiday at Wal Mart - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween. So expect to see another batch around August, but it will probably be different sets.
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
    Recently had someone offer me something for shipping only, happy to pay it forward. PM me if interested.
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