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Question about Knight's Stronghold (6059-1)

I recently acquired the set and had a question I was hoping someone could answer - the package photos and instruction manual show a blue saddle with just one clip but I've seen the set inventoried as having a blue saddle with two clips. I know other sets of this time period were starting to feature the two clip saddle and I was just wondering if anyone could speak for certain as to which saddle type came with this set (the set I have is loose and definitely has some non-original parts). Thanks in advance!


  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
    I don't own the set, but according to Bricklink it just has one clip. You're right - 2 clip saddles were just coming out, mainly in 1992 it seems, but I saw set 6034 Black Monarchs Ghost has a 2 clip saddle, but a 1 clip saddle was listed as an alternate item.
  • brickscapebrickscape Member Posts: 18
    I didn't realize that BrickLink had set inventories. Thanks for the heads up on that. Now that I've looked a bit I see some discrepancies between the BrickLink inventory info and the inventory info I'd been using (Peeron). Anyone know which is the more reliable?
  • OldfanOldfan Chicagoland, IL, USAMember Posts: 673
    edited May 2013
    ^In general, Bricklink has a more active group of people watching and correcting the inventories, since the sellers need to be able to part out their sets accurately. According to some of the longtime collectors with lots of knowledge, there are known errors in both the Peeron and Bricklink inventories (I'm sure someone will chime in here with more details if necessary), so my advice is to look at inventories on both sites and use the instructions, ask questions in Brickset and Bricklink forums, and apply some common sense (i.e. "all other sets from this year had 1-clip saddles, why does this one have a 2-clip saddle?"), to resolve any contradictions.

    Also be aware (as many others have said before) that there is generally a transition period for parts with mold changes, such as the 1x1 plates with vertical clips, saddles, spaceman helmets, minifig heads with different studs, etc. I would not be surprised if some sets from those eras show a 2-clip saddle in the instructions, but a 1-clip saddle was actually in the box (or vice-versa). Bricklink's alternate parts inventories can help confirm this.
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