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CEC Team ask "What would you like to see as new themes for LEGO Direct?"

bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
edited August 2011 in Everything else LEGO
The Ambassadors have been asked ...
Dear Ambassadors,
The Direct team is trying to determine what types of models you guys most like.
Please let us know what is your favorite non-IP, non-monorail and Minifigure-based LEGO model of all time.
Many thanks,

LEGO Direct Team
Please post your thoughts here - ignore the reference to 'themes', just pick one existing minifigure-based set that you consider to represent all the best qualities you like in a set (it's hard to pick just one, I know, but please try). They want a response by Monday 15th, so I'm going to set a deadline of 12:00 noon (BST) on Sunday 14th so I have time to collate the responses.

For me, my favourite minifigure sets are those that have an interesting build, have interesting parts, that have interactive elements, and provide some spark to the imagination ... there are quite a few sets that meet these criteria, but my fave is probably the 'Deep Sea Refuge, set #6441



  • pantenkindpantenkind Member Posts: 258
    I am like you and find it very difficult to pick just one. I can say that I really like the modular buildings and would maybe like to see it taken a step further and get a larger building with the same details. Something similar to what they did with Star Wars and the ultimate collectors series.
  • pantenkindpantenkind Member Posts: 258
    And what is IP?
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ intellectual property... aka licensed-themes
  • pantenkindpantenkind Member Posts: 258
    Thank you, that means my idea is still good :-).
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    bluemoose is posting exactly how the question was posed: the title asked about "future themes" and the direct question instead asked for identifying our favorite past minifig-scale models that were neither licensed, nor monorail.

    We can infer that if TLG can extrapolate common traits between the top vote-getters that they'll take them into consideration in exploring new theme ideas. So, while they aren't asking specifically for future theme ideas, be mindful that it is the intent for the gathered data.
  • pantenkindpantenkind Member Posts: 258
    Well, for a theme I would love to see a form of ww2 type fighters. I know LEGO will not do war machines, however, If they did some sort of theme that kind of steampunked old ww2 type planes then it wouldnt officially be war machines. (No more so than star wars or any other theme that has guns and such) Maybe the theme could be simply steampunk.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    edited August 2011
    ^ Heh... as bluemoose said "ignore themes" as an answer. My point was if you're trying to legitimately decide, for example, between 6419 Rolling Acres Ranch and 7744 Police Headquarters, your response may produce more of a result if you chose the former because the pastel colors are a bit of a departure from that which is currently available, whereas a police station is a LEGO staple not likely to go anywhere.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,756
    Green Grocer.
  • bluelion3bluelion3 Member Posts: 156
    7639 Camper
    (pre dark-age favorite 924 Space Transporter)
  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 93
    10193 Medieval Market Village.
    The perfect blend of interesting colours, details and features, playability, all combined with a more advanced build than the average system set.
  • RobbRobb Member Posts: 144
    Can I say Fabuland?
  • yys4uyys4u Member Posts: 1,093
    10210 Imperial Flagship

    It's pirates, my favorite theme, a HUGE set, a lot of figs, both factions, amazing detail, and easy to move around in it (if you want to play with the set) and I could go on and on
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
    edited August 2011
    I love this mid sized ship - the Stardefender 200.
    Nice detachable pod feature, and I love when mini vehicles fit in a larger ship.
    Great swooshability, and looks great on display.

    6932: Futuron / Stardefender 200
  • YpresYpres Member Posts: 200
    Well I love the Medieval Market Village.
    If I could only have one lego set it would be that one. I simply love the "affordable" medieval themed city scape. The designs are innovative (with lots of small pieces) and have great 2-way pose displays. Seeing Mill Village Raid was truely a step in the right direction as well. I'm really hoping Lego does more to add to a Medieval Village.

    A close second would've been the Imperial Flagship. It's so awesome I bought two and decided to keep both. Although I really don't think Lego needs someone to tell them to biuld more pirate ships... since those designs get built anyway. Maybe sometimes Lego could at least think "Flagship scale" when they make them.
  • DuchessaDuchessa Member Posts: 287
    I also love the Medieval Market, but others have picked that one. So I'm going for 3739 (The Blacksmith shop). Increadible attention to details, great build, interesting parts... that set has it all.

    Runner up would be 6765 (Gold City Junction), for the same reasons. The whole western theme has some great sets that sometimes are forgotten.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    I'm going to have to go for the Medieval Market Village too.
  • vortexdragonvortexdragon Member Posts: 24
    10193 Medieval Market Village and 10210 Imperial Flagship
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    I'm not exactly sure how bluemoose intends to report the data, but its fine to cast an additional vote for a previously mentioned set in the case that he presents total votes or he presents a subset of the most mentioned sets.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    My votes are the MMV and fabuland themes
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    I love that they explicitly exclude monorail. Cracks me up.

    I might have to agree with Bluemoose. Deep Sea Refuge was released during my dark ages. When I got back into the hobby I saw that set and had to have it. It's one of my favs.
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    edited August 2011
    I'd have to pick 6923 Particle Ionizer.
    It has quite a few play features, a brick built robot, and has an above-average amount of SNOT techniques used for a set of its size, as well as a pair of magnets. On top of all that, it was still a stable model.

    @allyburns - the StarDefender is also excellent, as are nearly all of the original Blacktron sets...
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,116
    edited August 2011
    ^^ I think we can assume that they want this data for ideas for reissuing themes or sets, so I suspect they are anticipating older sets being nominated rather than MMV and so on.

    They have said many times that Monorail can't be re-released due, I think, to issues with the manufacure of the motor, hence it being explicitly excluded.

    Oh, and to add my vote, 6876 Blacktron Alienator
  • AlgernonAlgernon Member Posts: 3
    Everybody seems to be going with the same few sets, so I'll be a black sheep here and go with the 7649 MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker. I know this might seem like a random choice, but it's actually one of my all-time favorite sets and I've kept it built for an unusually long time. As a Space fan, I'm always a sucker for vehicular sets, and the idea of a massive Space walker is very appealing to me. Besides that, the construction of the Drill Walker is very thought out, with some awesome greebs and even better use of rounded parts. It came with some great mini-vehicles too.

    A very close runner-up would probably have to be the 5974 Galactic Enforcer. Its massive size, great playability, and wonderfully sleek design really make it a modern marvel to me. It's not perfect, but I would love to see LEGO focus on massive capital ships in future Space themes.

    But of course, Medieval Market Village is great too.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    edited August 2011
    I believe TLG already knows how popular the MMV, Flagship, and Modulars are so I don't want to throw away my vote on one of these. :o) The Deep Sea Refuge was arguably my last set before my Dark Ages and the Galactic Enforcer and Yellow Castle were my first sets ever so each does indeed occupy a special place in my collection. And seeing that both Peril in Peru and the new Clone Wars Gunship are ineligible, I'm going to go in a totally different direction and choose the Imperial Trading Post (6277). :o)
  • macmonmacmon Member Posts: 80
    Not sure if this will count... fantasy based theme... to add more i.e. dwarves, elves, fairies etc
  • YpresYpres Member Posts: 200
    Well if I know for sure Lego is interested in finding "older" Lego sets for re-release/make hands down my Vote would go to the Dino Attack Theme.

    The T1-Typhoon was probably the set I hate myself for missing most of all... it was released Between my childhood interest years and my collector years so I never got one :( I'd love to see what Lego could do with the theme now though... if they wanted to re-style the theme. *Drools* The Helicopter simply looks HOT (no other discription required)!
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,548

    What a weird way of putting out feelers for a new theme question - base it on a past set they've already sold (and thus already have sales figures for).

    From my experience the THEME everyone has been agreed on wanting, has been:

    HISTORICALS, i.e. Imperial Rome, Ancient &/or Mythic Greece, etc.

    So that we can build the Colloseum, have Chariot Races, Roman Legionnaire Battle Packs, The Roman war machine (siege engines, ballistas, etc) etc. Cleopatra vs Ceaser vs Celts, triple threat!

    If they felt true history is too 'dry', they could always introduce a time travelling professor and his pals (riding something like the Time Machine contraption) who visits the time periods (it could be quite educational too), OR have ancient Mystical Alien Portals/Gates that are being battled over (which link the time zones together)

    ok. back on topic now... ;o)
  • wagnerml2wagnerml2 Member Posts: 1,376
    My favorite pre dark age set was 6980 Galaxy Commander. I guess my favorite recent set is 10219 Maersk Train
  • brickmattbrickmatt Member Posts: 103
    Fort Legoredo.
  • ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
    my vote is for 6195 - Neptune Discovery Lab. This was one of the last sets i got as a kid before my dark ages. Its got everything, playability, chrome, and baseplates! a close second would be 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress.
  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard Member Posts: 321
    If they are looking for a new theme suggestion, I would second Legomatt's suggestion of a historical Greco/Roman theme. Medieval Market Village has been my favorite so far because it the great detail and overall value.
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    I know I've already voted, but I was just going through my fabuland with my mum - and really, those animal figures are so great!!!

    A MUCH better theme for 3-5 year olds than the junior sets, a great bridge between duplo and 'system' type sets. And also so unique, roundabouts, ferris wheels etc...

    And never mind that they're so girl friendly with out being pink!
  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    edited August 2011
    This shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who's glanced at my avatar, but 6984 Blacktron Invader - the Battrax is cool, but I like spaceships better, and while it was also really cool, the Renegade was too 'flat', if that makes any sense. It felt incomplete. The Invader is a great little package of awesome.

    Runner up is 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager. When I was a kid this thing was HUGE (probably not so huge anymore now that I'm all grown up), but I swooshed it all around the house until it landed on the strange alien terrain of the couch.
  • dimefielddimefield Member Posts: 314
    928 Space Cruiser and Moon base.. swooshing still!
  • EricEric Member Posts: 376
    edited August 2011
    Something about 1254 and 1256, I have always loved. But probably falls under the category of IP, so then probably 10196 Grand Carousel.
  • technicaltacticstechnicaltactics Member Posts: 47
    I've always loved town sets, not in the whole "rescue" line (fire, police, medical), but sets such as 1817 Seaplane with Hut and boat, for it's originality and play features, where kids can play with the seaplane, make it land, add wooshing noises, then have the minifigures go hang out in the cabin, its just really pleasing to younger ages, and TFOLS and AFOLS, for its supplemental style. I also must pay respect to the creator houses, such as Beach House, Log Cabin, Hillside home, etc. These sets are joys to build and give very pleasing results when finished.
  • OrthobotrexOrthobotrex Member Posts: 165
    I'm really not familiar with the older themes of LEGO. But I really dig mecha and those vic vipers. Or just anything robot themed. And they shouldn't be built from Bionicle or Hero Factory parts (ahem)!

    And thinking about the partnership with NASA, I'd venture into terrrestrial space stations with a real laboratory, and vehicles equipped for exploring the planet (and not plundering the resources) just like the one for Mars. Or maybe a series of the rovers they built and sent to nearby planets.
  • canon03canon03 Member Posts: 364
    Eric beat me to it, but my vote is also for 10196 Grand Carousel. An entire line of carnival attractions would be great.
  • AlgernonAlgernon Member Posts: 3
    In terms of a new theme, I second Orthobotrex with the idea of another Mech-based theme, particularly one that isn't Japanese. Nothing against the Japanese of course, but I'd much prefer a Western-style mech universe, akin to Mechwarrior. I wasn't a fan of the skeletal, action-figure-like designs of Exo Force.

    Baring that, I think people have been waiting for the rebirth of Blacktron for quite some time now... we got the Space Police, now it's time for the bad guys!
  • YpresYpres Member Posts: 200
    @Algernon - *LOL* BattleTech would possibly push the whole "military" issue. Which I'm not 100% positive of Lego's stand on this but I don't think they'd want a theme based solely on future-mass-killing robots which battle with the biggest ammo/shells their country can afford. It's a nice thought moving away from the Japanese-marked robots but I still feel Lego didn't do that justice either. It's not really fair to rank Japanese Mech based upon the bare-yet-affordable Exo Force sets. Afterall, Japan is also famous for hosting a number of awesome mech robots... which by the way have heads :)

    I don't know why people like the old space theme(s)... they appear old and trashy to me. I don't really care for sets that hold childhood memories, because half of the sets I had as a child I wouldn't buy off the shelf today. Modern Lego is far ahead of what it was in the 80's/90's... for me anyway. This is just my opinion and I'm not aiming to insult anyone. We like whatever sets we want, who cares if someone thinks otherwise. Sorry.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    I'm going to try one more time to steer the conversation in the intended direction so that bluemoose can effectively and efficiently gather the information and feed it back to the LEGO CEC team.

    Please mention your favorite minifig-based (non-licensed, non monorail) set, and avoid digressing too much into a conversation about themes, lest your opinion won't be heard.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Member Posts: 2,728
    edited August 2011
    OK I hate to be picky, but I must be. @vynsane the Invader is set number 6894. The set you have listed is 6984 SP 2 Galactic Mediator. For my vote I will stay close to vynsane and say Blacktron 1 set 6987 Message Intercept Base. Even though out of all 900+ sets I own, I don't own that set. I've just never got around to actually buying it. Something always keeps coming up. I would put set 6954 Renegade as a close second. Both are awsome sets. I would like to see LEGO reproduce them, but they can't legally do so. Does that make all Blacktron 1 IP territory because it's a Nintendo trade marked theme?
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ I have a 6987 Message Intercept Base MISB :)
  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    My first choice would be Medieval Market Village, but since its been voted so many times, I'll throw Imperial Trading Post into the mix. Like MMV, such a great combination of civilian and military.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,756
    edited August 2011
    Surprised nobody's mentioned any of the interations of the Town Plan yet; if they churned out a different version every year I still think I'd buy all of them....
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
    Attention anyone who hasn't voted yet - please do!

    This is an excellent opportunity for our voices to be heard directly from LEGO Direct Team.

    We should feel privileged to be getting asked our valued opinion - what we say here could well help steer the future of a new/revised LEGO theme.

    The stats:

    904 members have logged in in the last 24 hours.
    222 people have joined Brickset in the last 7 days.

    Hello 222 new members, now is the time to join in the forum! and the 682 existing members - make your voices count!

    If you've read this thread and not voted, please do!

    It should be a fairly easy question, and like @rocao says, simply mention your favorite minifig-based (non-licensed, non monorail) set - no need for discussion on themes (although you can tell us why you love it I'm sure! - I've already heard of some sets I'd not seen before that I now want!)

    Lets see at least 200 responses by Sunday 14th, I challenge you all.
    (But lets not stop at 200! - 1000 would be great)

    Thanking you all,

  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    OK I hate to be picky, but I must be. @vynsane the Invader is set number 6894.
    D'OH! Yeah, typed the number too fast. The link is correct, though ;)
  • tsitsi Member Posts: 34
    10182 (modular buildings in general)
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    10184 - Town Plan is a great shout DrD, I'll have to go with that one (for now).
  • I think 6383 Public Works Center is a great minifig playset. It has two sets of garage doors that can be opened and closed, a crane that slides along a track, two vehicles, and a trap-door function for unloading the hopper. Also, it's in the construction theme, which has always been popular. A set like this would be nice to see again.
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