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Building a city

GauthierHenriGauthierHenri Member Posts: 1
Hello. I'm new to this forum. When I was a kid, I had building sets like Kenner (with girders and panels) and Blockcity. They were thrown out long ago. Now, I've got a large collection of Matchbox, Majorette and Siku cars and trucks. I would like to build an urban landscape to photograph them in. Lego doesn't seem suitable for this purpose. Do any of the other members know of a building set that would be more like the old ones I used to have? Kenner ans Blockcity were probably of approximately the right scale. I've thought of collecting empty plastic packaging - the plastic holders for system razor blades for instance - and using them like building blocks. I have assembled an almost convincing glass-fronted building from the Wilkinson/Schick packaging. Does anyone have any other ideas? Good to meet you all.


  • emilewskiemilewski CT, USAMember Posts: 476
    edited April 2013
    Welcome. So you have joined a LEGO-exclusive forum populated by members who are LEGO fans to discuss LEGO-related topics, and are posting a topic that specifically excludes LEGO from the discussion... Maybe a Matchbox forum would be a better fit?
  • binaryeyebinaryeye USMember Posts: 1,734
    Yeah, this is pretty much completely off-topic.

    But some quick searching suggests that Matchbox cars are apparently ~1:64 scale, which is apparently equivalent to S scale in model trains. Have you looked at S scale scenery? Granted, you wouldn't be able to "build" it, but it sounds like you're looking for realism that LEGO can't offer.
  • GauthierHenriGauthierHenri Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    Hello binaryeye. Nice to meet you first of all. I just sort of surfed in, and the name of this site, "Brickset", reminded me of the building set, "Blockcity", which I had when I was a kid, more than 50 years ago. Matchbox cars are to various scales, they aren't uniform, and scale isn't really an issue for me. 1:64 is a good approximation. The scale should only be approximate. If I do table-top photography with my models, presumeably only the cars will be sharp, the background will be blurred. Perhaps I could buy up some Lego bricks second hand, and use other stuff to complete a somewhat futuristic city.
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