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What are you building right now?



  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    For Valentine's Day my wie got me & the boys #9470, #79001, & #79010. It'll be a busy night tonight!
  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    "wife" that is
  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    Started preliminary parts pulling for #4194 Whitecap Bay. Mulled over buying a BL $40 (no minifigs) too long- next day it was gone, then the NEXT least costly one went.

    Currently the least expensive USA available is over $60 so I decided w/ Monster Fighters recently added to my collection I may have a good chance building it.
  • WallaceWallace Member Posts: 134
    edited February 2013
    This afternoon I built #8677 Ultimate build Mater which I picked up on eBay last week. I think I'll scoot up into the loft tomorrow and dig out the rest of my Cars Sets.
  • Vader_94Vader_94 Member Posts: 3
    Built #30242, #9679 and #75005 over the weekend. Got the Death Star in the same order. That's still waiting to be constructed.
  • Starik20X7Starik20X7 Member Posts: 10
    Using Digital Designer to plan a new Heroica MOC. Turning my spare #3858 Waldurk Forest into a Greek-inspired area, complete with #71000-2 Cyclops boss! Also using the skeletons from #3856 a la Jason and the Argonauts.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    I am working on a TMNT MOC for the contest over at FBTB. I am pretty happy with how it is going so far.
  • HarryPotterLoverHarryPotterLover Member Posts: 238
    Just finishing up SSD before its EOLd
  • dimefielddimefield Member Posts: 314
    Maersk Train! My first train build and i'm pretty sure it wont be my last!
  • woony2woony2 Member Posts: 336
    Went old school last night and dug out #8860 the old technic car chassis from the early 80's. Brought back many memories of staring at the lego catalogues and wondering if I would ever get one for Christmas/birthday. I can even remember that it was £24.99 in Argos (wish the flagship sets were still that price).
    It's also been a while since I built a big old set and as people have mentioned on other threads you actually have to look at and concentrate on the instructions as they aren't one piece per page as they seem to be these days, lots of aligning gears and stuff so that it actually functions properly.
    Didn't quite finish it last night but hopefully will tonight. Looks just as good as it did 33 years ago.
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    earlier today I was building this in the Manchester LEGO store:


    Which split down into this:


    Which is approx 460 pieces.

    As you may gather from the huge amount of 2x4 pieces, the selection was really pretty bad - worse even than 6 weeks ago, when I did a similar thing with my first box.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    We are rebuilding Yoda #7194 because there were loose pieces on the head when we got it already built. Sadly we found an error in our own building which can only be corrected by taking apart all except the first 7 or so rows!
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    Just dumped out the box to the UCS B-wing. Taking a break from working on my mountain/train tunnel for my train layout and trying hard to avoid more sorting.
  • Murdoch17Murdoch17 Member Posts: 22
    edited March 2013
    Just finished ordering parts for my version of Tony Sava's 4-6-0 steam engine from Pick A Brick. Now I just need to order from five BrickLink sellers and four medium-size flanged drivers from Big Ben Bricks. Here is what it will (sort-of) look like when done.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    Finished building this last week and installed it in the LUG Showcase window at my local LEGO store:
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 Member Posts: 1,431
    @rocao - those are pretty cool!
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    ^^Loving it immensely!!

    "The Claw! Ooooohhh!!!"
  • teddy46709394teddy46709394 Member Posts: 1
    Kind of bored with the AT-RT and Gold Dragon. Here come the new AT-RT Dragoon!
  • pillpodpillpod Member Posts: 273
    I've been working on some mini modular MOCs in LDD. I don't have any screenshots at the moment, but if anyone has any useful advice and tips, I'm all ears!
  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    Started building City Garage to go with the Airport my boys will be getting for their birthday in 2 weeks...until the same boys became intolerably naughty in a matter of minutes, then I dismantled it & back in the baggie it went.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Just built a mega version of #40052 by combining two sets and adding a few brown pieces to stabilize the tree branches.
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    edited March 2013
    Built the first part of #10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van tonight. Really enjoyable, but the lack of numbers on the bags has been a bit of a pain.

    And having watched the nipper build #7964 Republic Frigate earlier today, it's been a really good building day in the Briking household.
  • cozycozy Member Posts: 157
    Just finished building #7066 and i am super impressed as are my 2 boys.
  • pookiepookie Member Posts: 158
    I've been working on a spring park setting using #40052 and Friends wishing well.
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    edited March 2013
    Ok, so I finished my #10220. I have read others remarks that the roof is flimsy. They were not joking! Lazy workmanship by the designer.

    And for the first time ever I had 3 missing pieces. Luckily I could find 2 replacements in the spares, but the 3rd one is now a gap stopping me from completeing the roof.

    I was missing 2x Element ID: 366021... instead they gave me 2x spare of Element ID: 235721. And the one I can't find a spare for yet is Element ID 4515368. Just put a missing parts request in.

    And I wasn't keen on stickers. An iconic model like this deserves printed pieces.

    Sorry for the negativity - I've now got that off my chest.

    WOW!!! What a good looking model! So far since coming out of my dark ages last autumn I've concentrated on Modulars. But this is beautiful. As a child of the 60's I remember the T1 live. Non-Lego fans will not ralise it is Lego is until they start studying it in detail. If this model doesn't bring people out of their dark ages, nothing ever will!
  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    edited March 2013
    @Briking it is a funky set to build and I love all the interior detail. Not sure on the roof though myself but it was a fun build. I agree that if people want to build something a little different then this set is awesome.

    When we built my gf version she had 2 pieces missing from the front of the van which was disappointing. Luckily we could get replacement red parts off the Lego site for them. They arrived about a week later and we slotted them into place to complete the set.

    She now wants to make the VW beetle only on red and white like the Camper Van and not the two shades of blue.

    PS. I just completed book 1 of The Pet Shop #10218
  • charlieboycharlieboy Member Posts: 29
    edited April 2013
    I'm just adding the finishing touches to an Exo-Force moc, can't get enough of Exo-Force at the mo!
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    edited April 2013
    Not actually building anything at the moment, but I did order today about a third of the bricks I need for bricklinking #10185 Green Grocer. Ironically, I ordered them from Lego's Bricks & Pieces site, as the pieces were cheaper on there than on Bricklink.
  • psychopuppetpsychopuppet Member Posts: 71
    edited April 2013
    Decided to start another of the Lone Ranger sets. Working on #79108 Stagecoach Escape right now.
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    I found a #5976 still had the box. I love the old boxes where you could open the flap and see what was in the box. It all looked there. I paid $20 for it. I started building it as soon as I got home...and was all there...what a cool set. It even came with the old books that showed all the sets...year 1999,,,,what a banner year for LEGO. On a sidebar.... I think LEGO could stop 99% of the problem with people popping the seals on sets and returning them if they would just go back to the flip open boxes ....sorry for that rant...
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 Member Posts: 1,431
    Building Pet Shop.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    (re)Building #8880, wonderful Technic set from the mid 90ies, needed that after the #42000 let down.
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks Member Posts: 1,367
    Just capped of my tour of Iron Man 3 sets with the Malibu Mansion Attack #76007. I was not impressed.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    was about to start #10232, but #8880 was so enjoyable that I am going with another older Technic set #8462 (and I have all my light gray containers out ;-) )
  • CupIsHalfEmptyCupIsHalfEmpty Member Posts: 545
    Had a sick day home from work Yesterday and built Grand Emporium in about 5 hours straight. Top two floors were quite repetitive, but really enjoyed the build. And as a plus, I feel much better now.

  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    Working on restoring an old Knight's Castle set. I got most of it already but I need a bunch of 1x2 grey bricks and some pretty red ones too. throw in a couple of black inverted slopes and I'm good to go. Or I could just find some one selling a full set at a decient price and just get that too!

  • GeddesGeddes Member Posts: 574
    Just finished #7787, #7783 is next! Then I have the choice of #7784, #76000 or #76008 :)
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    I've started my un-haunting of #10228, but until my PAB order arrives, it's in limbo.

    In the meantime I've just opened one of the two #10214 I ordered from The number of pieces in un-numbered bags look kind of daunting!
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    Phew. Book 1 done.
  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    I just pushed the button and later this month I am going to have a brand new Medieval Market Village and a Mill Raid on my door step. cant wait!

  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    still on my old Technic streak, building #8865 now
  • ThreadOneThreadOne Member Posts: 17
    I've been working my way through the Modular series. Building them in order. I finished #10197 this weekend. Now I have started #10211. My desk at work has #10182, #10190, and #10185 sitting on it right now, along with my entire (incomplete) collection of CMFs. Co-workers and clients love stopping by!
  • flowerpotgirlflowerpotgirl Member Posts: 195
    I am trying to turn my modular Fire Brigade into a school.
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 Member Posts: 1,431
    edited April 2013
    i finished the brownstone in the Pet Shop set. Now sorting pieces for #3724 Dragon for my son's birthday and over 3000 pieces for an elemntary school modular.

    I was going to bring my mini modulars to work but my office is essentially a mostly window/glass hallway so sunlight is everywhere. I'd hate to start those chemical reactions and turn everything yellow.
  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    Well I got the MMV and MVR sets and spent about 8 hours between the 2 sets building. Great builds and there is alot of potential for play and display. My kids both want to get their hands on them.

  • AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
    After one year and probably more, I have finally finished building a 99.95% accurate bricklinked #10179! I spent the last hour trying to attach one of the last plate panel.. Everytime I was close to attaching it something else broke. One "minifig utensil binocular town" fell into the internal structure and had to be replaced... You will be remembered! I will attach the sticker tomorrow and put some pictures :)

    In truth, for all the hype around it I expected it to be more stable. Some parts of the upper .... fuselage (?) are just laid on top of the internal structure.

    what do I do now?! :D
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    Build another one?
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    I am busying myself with the three Superman: Man of Steel sets, so far I am not entirely impressed, although I love the Minifigures...
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    Just finished Akham Asylum (Except for the stickers, which I have not yet applied)! Really cool set, lovely minifigs. bunch of interesting building techniques and nice bricks and parts.
    Big pile of tiny extra parts, but really annoyed Harley's chester hat is and was NOT present in bag nr.8 of my set! Is it just me other does this happen a lot, sets missing parts? It is not the first time that I build a set that misses a part/brick!
  • dejavudejavu Member Posts: 235
    I am combining the Diagon Alley set and the Medieval Market to create a Hogsmeade-type village. Won't be accurate to the HP movies, but I really just want to create a MOC which I plan to call "When Worlds Collide".
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