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For Trade: TinKnockerHimes List (US)

TinKnockerHimesTinKnockerHimes Member Posts: 76
edited March 2013 in Marketplace
photo IMG_0240_zps93c56956.jpeg

10 Mtron
13 Blacktron 2
5 Ice Planet, Kid Face
3 Ice Planet, Chief
2 Space Police
2 Blacktron 1
1 Space Police 2, wrong helmit
1 Space Police 2, Chief, missing red shoulder thingy
1 Spyrius Droid
1 Unitron
1 Spyrius Chief
2 Spyrius , Wrong faces
2 Aquazone - the ones in the back, have no pieces for them

plus air packs for almost all of them

photo photo_zps80d4c1db.jpg

plus a whole bunch of weapons to for these, axes, swords, knives, muskets, pistols, arrows, quivers, pikes, and a dragon is busted off of one of the helmets, other than that most are in good shape

photo photocopy_zpsbe17f56f.jpg

Harry Potter figs from the last two years, in real good condition

Looking to trade for SW and LotR/Hobbit or MF/CMF monsters MiniFigs


  • TinKnockerHimesTinKnockerHimes Member Posts: 76
    besides the above minifigs I also have the following to trade
    all in sealed boxes
    harry potter
    2- #4867 Hogwarts one box a little damaged in corner
    5- #30111 potion rack polys

    1- #9492 tie fighter
    1- #9491 genosion cannon
    1- #7957 sith nightspeeder
    1- #7956 ewok attack

    SuperHeroes DC
    1- #6860

    10- #30211 urak hai polys

    #7958 2011 advent calender
    #8017 Darth Vaders Tie Fighter
    #8128 Cad Banes Speeder
    #2856197 shadow trooper
    Older Astromech droids from 2009 and before and other droids
    StormTroopers or Clone Troopers
    #3866 Hoth board game

    #79104 The Shellraiser
    #79105 Baxter Stockman Mouser

    #30210 Frodo poly
    #30213 Gandalf poly
    #5000202 Elrond poly
    Orcs, Goblins, or Cave Trolls

    Monster Fighters
    #9465 the zombies

    Tinknockers is my name on ebay if you want to check feedback, as I have not done any trading on here yet
  • TinKnockerHimesTinKnockerHimes Member Posts: 76
    also have Harry Potter: 3- #4865 forbidden forest , for trade
  • TinKnockerHimesTinKnockerHimes Member Posts: 76
    The First 2 pics full of figures have been traded, Space and Castle

    still have the loose Harry Potter for trade
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