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History of LEGO colors....

macgeomacgeo Member Posts: 2
edited February 2013 in Introduce yourself
Hello- I'm an information designer who's interested in the history and evolution of LEGO. In particular, I'm curious about how the colors of the pieces have evolved over time. Somehow it never occurred to me before- but when I was building with my son yesterday I was looking at our collection (from my childhood, now mixed in with his- Blacktron all mixed in with City, it's great) - and I suddenly realized most of our pieces were red, blue, yellow, black and white- with few to no greens, purples or oranges.

So my goal is to figure out - and possibly create some interactive visualization around- the history of LEGO colors. Just started my research so I'm casting a wide net. Can anyone help steer me on this topic?

Some things I'd like to play with along an axis or two:

number of pieces, by color, over time
add dimension: area/pips, by color, over time
add dimension: amounts actually produced and/or sold (entered circulation)
known, named colors used and their "lifespans"

The Story:
what were the first LEGO colors? what are they now?
who decides what the colors are/how does LEGO decide?
what events, milestones, and other factors have influenced LEGO colors?
what are the hard boundaries- the rules, written or unwritten, that govern LEGO colors?
where's all this headed?

...that kind of thing, for a start. Really want to dive into this, and if I can create something fun on the other side, all the better. Who can help?


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