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Hello there!

SpicySpicy Member Posts: 25
I'm really not sure how, or why, but any and all immunities I've developed to the construction toy bug have worn away. I first got into LEGO as a child alongside of my brother. Castle was my favorite theme, and most of my sets were from Black Falcons, Crusaders, Dragon Knights and Forestmen. I preferred designing my own castles as opposed to following the set directions (though I did build them the correct way at least once).

Twenty years later I'm now getting back into LEGO thanks to Legends of Chima. I've already purchased four sets, and I want more. I asked my family if we still had my two giant red cases of LEGO bricks, but I was disappointed to hear they were sold at a yard sale. I can only hope whoever has them now is enjoying them. I'm hoping one day I can find the parts to recreate my favorite mini-figure, which I -think- is a black knight with a visor helmet (it had a little three plumed blue feather on top) and flagged jousting pole, atop of a black horse with a black and blue mantle. I don't think the two are from the same set, but that horse was always the one I had him ride.

It's a pleasure to meet you all! Really looking forward to getting back into the hobby.


  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    Welcome to Brickset, Spicy!
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor Member Posts: 1,258
    Ah, the sweet dawn at the end of another Dark Age...

    And if you're looking to buy specific parts, I've got three words of advice: Bricklink, Bricklink, BRICKLINK.
  • SpicySpicy Member Posts: 25
    Thank you Huw and Brickarmor!

    I will definitely check Bricklink out, especially now that I've found the set my pieces are from.
  • DantosDantos Member Posts: 35
    Good to hear another older collector started collecting the Chima sets :) It seems *really* unpopular with some people, especially among Ninjago fans.

    I also like those knights as I collect 80s castle sets. Some of the new castle helmets are so good I actually prefer them to the visor ones, although the 70's visor ones are still my favourites :)
  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    Welcome aboard @Spicy! I've been pretty impressed with Legends of Chima as well.

  • SpicySpicy Member Posts: 25
    @Dantos That's so neat that you collect them! I haven't seen the newer helmets, so I'll have to look them up. I only remember the barred ones and the flip-visor ones attached to the 'bike helmets'.

    I think Legends of Chima is a really creative series. I don't know if it's because I'm coming back from being out of the loop and everything is shiny new or what, but so far I have no complaints. There are some really clever designs with the animal features on the vehicles, my favorite being Wakz' Pack Tracker at the moment. I also like how they used 'helmets' to make the mini-figures' heads more three dimensional, and that you can change their expression by turning the head underneath the helmet (My only gripe is that you can see the teeth of the mini-figure's other face underneath the helmet piece a little for the Crocodile Tribe characters, but it's not a big deal). I'm hoping they'll release sets of structures/lairs/etc. soon.

    Our LEGO section at my local store is pretty picked over still, so I haven't had a chance to see a Ninjago set up close and can't provide much insight. :< I haven't bought any Speedorz yet either.
  • DantosDantos Member Posts: 35
    @Spicy Example castle set for you:
    I love the helmet in that set, I've always loved that type of knight helmet (I used to have some plastic knights like that). The metallic version of the 80s style one is not bad too :) They also did a metallic version of the lifting visor:
    and also a gold version:

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