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Will the children of AFOL's ever have a dark age?



  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
    ^ exactly, only the other day I was wondering how my parents coped with out cbeebies, cbbc and citv not to mention sky+ and iPlayer etc. Certainly there was a lot less competition for my time then than my kids have now.

    My favourite was castle, I had the kings castle, black falcons castle, guarded inn, blacksmith and siege tower with wall. All that loose in a massive box, mixed in with all my futuron, Blacktron and my older brothers classic space and random bits was enough to build any castle imaginable. Keeps inside walls, three high walls, separate gatehouses etc.

    What could most kids make out of a bacave, funhouse and two face chase? Perhaps when my kids are a bit older I'll see that with a child's imagination it's just as adaptable now as then but im not convinced.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,526
    It's funny, I don't remember having a single set as a kid. We had a couple of buckets full of mainly bricks, some baseplates, then some fences and windows and loads of wheels with a few homemaker figures and that was it. I'm fairly sure most of it was second hand. I don't recall ever seeing any instructions.

    I never even realised that lego came in sets!

  • leemcgleemcg Member Posts: 607
    One massive difference I think, is that sets don't have alternative builds any more.

    I have twin 6 year old boys, one who has really got into building (from instructions) this year, and one who likes playing with built models.

    For the former, the Christmas present that he's accumulated most play-time with is a Brickmaster Ninjago book. Several different models from the same pieces. He's taken them apart and rebuilt each model now.

    The Ninjago Ultrasonic raider was the first Christmas set he built, and it's still it one piece.

    Twins teach you that each child is different, but I seem to remeber a phase of building from instructions and then only later making things up - maybe he's like me.

    I re-bought a set last year that I remember as my most played with from childhood #744 Basic bricks. That set comes with full instructions for 15-20 models.

    I know there are 3-in-1 sets (and I picked up a £12 #7345 helicopter for Daddy's Lego Store the other day), but they are really interested in minifigs and themes like Ninjago and Super Heroes.
  • JenniJenni JapanMember Posts: 1,390
    ^ I was going to blame the lack of alternate builds too but then I remembered all her creator houses are still in the first model she built.

    She did do the alternate builds for the Friends pets though.
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