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Wanted: mirkwood elf 30212 trade only

richardh4388richardh4388 Member Posts: 132
edited March 2013 in Marketplace
I need multiple copies of the mirkwood elf poly. I have a number of the ltd Christmas sets 3300014 and large quantities of the recent sun polys - Avengers, Frodo etc. I have completed many trades, especially across the Atlantic! Please send me a message if you can help out. Richaed


  • kwkwkwkw USAMember Posts: 1,194
    ill see if i can get you some Richard, ill let you know after i get back from TRU
  • richardh4388richardh4388 Member Posts: 132
    Cheers, my son is trying to make a small army of them!
  • rawbobrawbob UKMember Posts: 535
    i might have 2 elves i can trade if kwkw can't help you out. i'm waiting on a couple coming from the US.
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