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Christmas emergency (do brand stores sell train track?)

herekittykittyherekittykitty Member Posts: 122
edited December 2012 in Everything else LEGO
In a thinly veiled "more Legos for the adults" scheme, Santa is bringing the yellow cargo train to our 2.5 year old train and "yego" obsessed son (really it's for all of us, 6yo daughter included). (We thought about the duplo train, but figured this would have more longevity and it will be a family and adult supervised toy for a few years.)

Luckily we (I mean Santa) decided to start building said train early, because my dear husband is already declaring that we need more track!!

So, two days before Christmas, does the Lego brick and mortar stores carry train track packs? Because if it does, someone is going to have to hit the mall tomorrow!

Thank you much! :) and apologies for not searching better before posting, if this has been discussed recently.


  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    My local LEGO store does carry some track, but it is often sold out.

    This time of year, I'd be shocked if any was in stock.

    You can get it overnighted from Amazon, (but even at this point I don't think they can deliver on Monday), but you'll pay for it since those are third party sellers who are charging over RRP.

    Those are the three current track packs. The first two can be found in the LEGO stores, the third can only be purchased from [email protected] (it comes in a black and white box).

    Something worth considering. If you want a lot of track, it is often cheaper to buy another train, rather than a lot of spare parts. Sadly the Red Cargo Train is gone, but you could try the Red Passenger Train, it comes with track, and an extra train.

    If you have a local TRU, it is always possible they'll have one left in stock.

    Or just buy a second Yellow Cargo Train! :)
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Member Posts: 4,401
    As always, great advice Darth. :o)
  • herekittykittyherekittykitty Member Posts: 122
    Thank you, Darth Lego :)

    I think we'll try calling in the morning to see if they have any in stock. If not, we do actually have the red passenger train in the closet (that closet holds a disturbing amount of Lego...) from the Target sale - it's meant to be saved for a future birthday or Christmas, but we could always put the tracks back in the box later. We went back and realized we missed the bag of flexible tracks in the yellow cargo train box as well, so between those we should be fine for Christmas at least if the store doesn't have any.

  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    You're very welcome. :)

    BTW, the normal RRP on the #7895 switch tracks is $15.99 and #7499 Straight & Flex Track is $19.99.

    Just something to keep in mind when you see them on Amazon. The only real benefit to buying on Amazon is free 2 day shipping if you're Prime and not near a retail store, but generally just buy them from LEGO Shop @ Home if you can wait a bit for shipping and your local store is out of them.
  • herekittykittyherekittykitty Member Posts: 122
    ^ I saw that re the prices, the price you pay for convenience, I suppose.

    Hubby is on his way to the mall now, if they don't have them he will just have the store order for him and we'll get the tracks later. There is enough for the kids, really, it's him that wants more track ;) which considering the amount of Lego I have amassed in the last year, who am I to argue with that. :)
  • thelegoguy421thelegoguy421 Banned Posts: 64
    Lego stores carry track and you can buy track off of and get it shipped to you pretty fast, but you will have to pay quite a bit for shipping. charges a lot for shipping. I would also recommend As said before LegoFanTexas, you can get free 2 day shipping.
  • herekittykittyherekittykitty Member Posts: 122
    Crisis averted - my husband got three packs of track at our local Lego store. I am not sure which because they are still hidden in the car, but all should be well now. :)

    I also asked him to pick up one of the Friends pet $4.99 packs for our daughter's stocking, and he came home with all three plus the new Friends water scooter, because he noticed the fill a brick box with a $75 purchase. That's a good man.
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