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FOR SALE: Star Wars "MTT" (30059) and various other polybags.

LegopantsLegopants Member Posts: 2,097

I've got various polybags available for sale.
I'd prefer to sell, but I'd be willing to trade in some cases.
I'm based in Germany but will ship to UK/US/Rest of Europe - £2.80/$4.40/€3.45 (up to 500g).
Please PM for details.

2x 30059 MTT (in sealed vending machine ball)
3x 30201 Ghost
5x 30019 Fire Helicopter
3x 30151 Mining Dozer
5x 30025 Clown Fish
1x 30009 Christmas Tree
1x 5000063 TC-14
1x 30101 Skateboarder
1x 40048 Birthday Cake
3x 40014 Halloween Bat
5x 7606 Frog
3x 30164 Lex Luthor
5x 30026 Panda
2x 7873 Aeroplane Set
1x 7875 Backhoe
1x 8028 TIE Fighter
1x 7804 Lizard
1x 10068 Santa
2x 2853588 Golden Die
1x 30017 Police Boat
1x 7452 Le Mans
2x 4904 Elephant
2x 30023 Lighthouse
1x 4051 Nesquik Rabbit
1x 40015 Heart Book
1x 30150 Racing Car


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.