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(UK) Large numbers of polybags needed for special needs school

greekmickgreekmick UKMember Posts: 710
My wife works in a local school and they had someone visit to explain how LEGO can help build confidence and improve hand/eye skills to children with special needs. I donated a huge box of loose bricks but they have asked for small sets instead. This is because they want the children to learn how to follow instructions and work as a team to build them, which is understandable. The small sets also keep their concentration to a lunchtime club.

We are trying to source a number of polybag sets with a nice build such as the recent mining set and boat from the Sun. Does anyone have an idea where we could pick up a good mixed amount of bags without having to purchase individual lots from ebay/bricklink. Any help much appreciated. They have a budget of around £100 so should get a nice amount for that figure.


  • greekmickgreekmick UKMember Posts: 710
    Should mention its a special needs department in a school.
  • JessyDooDahJessyDooDah UK Member Posts: 228
    Hi @Greekmick!
    I have a few sun poly's spare that I can send you for the school. I only have 4-5, but you are welcome to them.
    PM me your address, and I'll send them over. :)
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,027
    edited November 2012
    @greekmick I'm donating my spares to a similar cause but if you pm me your address I'll drop a few in the post.
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,156
    You could ask your local WHS manager if they have any leftovers from the recent Sun promotion. The sets you are after were probably the least popular in the promotion. You might want a letter from teh school to confirm you are genuine in your intentions rather than a crafty ebayer.
  • greekmickgreekmick UKMember Posts: 710
    @monkeyhanger I did contact the local stores and was told they can only give them out to people with vouchers after the promotion dates otherwise they get sent back. Its annoying the person only came into the school this week. Two weeks earlier and we would have been fine. They could have sent out a message to all the parents to encourage them to obtain the sun promotion. Typical!
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
    edited November 2012
    PM'd - I've got some to send to you. Sounds like a great use for sun polys.

    How many are you after in practical terms? We should have a blue peter -esque totaliser. If we can't get to almost any number as bricksetters I'd be amazed. Be nice if they could save that £100 for something else after all.
  • mr_bennmr_benn United KingdomMember Posts: 924
    Maybe write to the Sun themselves too - I'm sure there's a department somewhere that could deal with this sort of thing!
  • greekmickgreekmick UKMember Posts: 710
    Thanks everyone for the kind offers. @cheshirecat I will certainly keep you all up to date on the total we manage to pull together.

    There are around 12-15 children in the class and they are trying to get together 6-7 different sets to work with. Any help is much appreciated. My wife has just returned from the first class this morning which they had one of the #30010 sets I gave them to demonstrate. She was really surprised how enthusiastic the children were when LEGO was involved.
  • kw1980kw1980 Member Posts: 48
    I also have a few spares, not a lot (4 or 5) but Id be happy to send them on if you want to PM me your address.
  • TheCableGuyTheCableGuy Member Posts: 114
    @greekmick I've got a dozen #8028 that i'd like to donate if you could PM me your address.
  • greekmickgreekmick UKMember Posts: 710
    Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for the generosity shown in obtaining a large amount of polys for the school. The school were overwhelmed with the kind gesture especially after been turned down by several other avenues. I have attached a letter I received from the school to forward to you all, along with a picture of the collection. This will hopefully see them into the next term. Again thank you all so much.
  • mr_bennmr_benn United KingdomMember Posts: 924
    ^ Great work @greekmick et al, such a good example of community positivity amd good effort on your part!
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