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Expired: Target 10/18 to 11/3 Free 10$ Gift Card with some Lego purchases

baronbaron Member Posts: 106
edited November 2012 in Shopping USA/Canada
Stopped by my Target today and noticed that most sets above 39.99 come with a Free 10$ Target Gift Card. The advent calendars were not part of this promotion...pretty good deal for sets in the Republic Starfighter price range.


  • baronbaron Member Posts: 106
    Sorry meant 10/28 of course
  • red237red237 Member Posts: 334
    Hi. The flyer doesn't actually specify that it is only certain sets, so I mistakenly purchased one that wasn't eligible I guess, but they honored it anyway. FYI.
  • GIR3691GIR3691 Member Posts: 674
    Says $10 gift card with any non-Friends purchase $39.99 or more. The Star Wars advent calendar is one of the two sets pictured with the promotion, so I'd expect it to qualify...
  • cbaker1974cbaker1974 Member Posts: 150
    The gift cards weren't automatic when I made my purchase today, had to go to guest services and they had some difficulties there.

  • wagnerml2wagnerml2 Member Posts: 1,376
    Beware of this promotion. I was there today and they had #7498 Police Station at $119! Even with the $10 gift card you were paying $10 over retail. This is happening more and more with Target. They are going the way of TRU.
  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    ^ Here it's been $69.99 for weeks. I guess it depends where you are. We've had some prices above RRP but generally sets on their way out, I don't understand the thinking behind that.
  • ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
    My local Target didn't give me any grief on any set over 39.99. Though not marked, I purchased the Orc Forge (#9476) and got the gift card. Had to make the transaction at the customer service desk though.
  • canon03canon03 Member Posts: 364
    I went to the register with #9465 (the zombies) fully expecting a hassle. It didn't ring up, but after showing the sale paper, they just took $10 off the total which was even better than getting a gift card.
  • aimlesspursuitsaimlesspursuits Member Posts: 207
    Received a Target advertisement in the mail that's got a couple of coupons. One for $5 off $29 or higher LEGO item. And one for $5 off toy purchase of $50 or more.

    Not sure if they're stackable but with one coupon, the Target card 5% and the $10 gift card, there are some pretty good deals for sets at the $40-$50 range.
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    We bought The Orc Forge and The Zombies with this deal, since they are Target exclusives, but we also had to go three rounds with Customer Service to get them to honor the deal. I wonder if the $39.99 was supposed to be $49.99?
  • SarahIsabellaSarahIsabella Member Posts: 69
    I also went in to get The Zombies with this deal and the gift card didn't ring up at the register. I told the cashier I should get a $10 with the purchase of the set. She called back to toys to verify what I was telling her and I got the GC with no problem.
  • murroughmurrough Member Posts: 59
    I tried to buy the zombies today but was denied the $10 after talking with three sad no zombies for me.
  • SarahIsabellaSarahIsabella Member Posts: 69
    @ murrough - what reason did they give you for not honoring the ad? It says "Free $10 target gift card when you purchase any LEGO set $39.99 or higher. Offer does not include LEGO Friends."
  • murroughmurrough Member Posts: 59
    They simply stated that if it did not ring up at the register as part of the promotion and was not marked on the shelves as part of the promotion then they were not giving me the card. I pointed out to three different people that the ad stated "any sets except friends" they just shrugged and still said no. This is the first time I have had this happen at Target most of the time I have experiences like this at Toys R Us.
  • 12651265 Member Posts: 1,156
    For those who are unable to get the gift card with purchase...scream at them and say, "I'm entitled." That will scare them off.

    Just J/K...maybe not. Per the ad any Lego set, besides Friends, should qualify.
  • kwkwkwkw Member Posts: 1,209
    Got an orc forge and the gift card due to a manager override. You should always checkout with a manager or whoever looks like they're in charge, cause if you checkout with an associate first and they say no, and then you ask a manager more likely than not the manager will back up his associate (they gotta work together so makes no sense if the manager undermines his minion's decision, which causes all types of trouble in the future lol). And always remember a genuine smile and some small talk go a long way.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    May a few target run, first one had the Zombies, had to finish check-out at customer service and got $10 card. The second one had the Orc Forge, they were saying that the gift card only applied to the 2 sets in the ad... (while 1/2 of the sets had the tag in the aisle...). Last Target before home, had the Orc Forge too, they gave me the gift card at register after I pointed out the add in their flyer, not even need for CS desk.

    I think a badly phrased/formatted ad was the source of the confusion...
  • gmpirategmpirate Member Posts: 1,654
    Not worth the hassle imo. I am a bit surprised they totally denied that one guy however. Not what I expect from Target -- TRU yes.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    The Orc Forge and The Zombies, being Target exclusives come out at $28/30% off (if you combine the Gift Card and Red Card), so quite a good saving in the end especially when I didn't have to go out of my way and had to stop at one for groceries anyway... (Also got lucky and found a #30201 for $1.99)
  • scotty12scotty12 Member Posts: 835
    I also got told "no" on the Zombies at Target because there was no tag on the shelve marking I'd get a $10 card and if you price scanned the box, it also doesn't qualify. The price scanner tells you on the side if it qualified for a $10 card or not. That's what I was told. No luck.
  • PicopiratePicopirate Member Posts: 325
    I picked up the red cargo train (3677) for $119 after stacking the $30 coupon (set specific) and $10 coupon (for any purchase over $100).
  • PicopiratePicopirate Member Posts: 325

    I picked up the red cargo train (3677) for $119 after stacking the $30 coupon (set specific) and $10 coupon (for any purchase over $100).

    My bad, wrong thread. I got this at TRU.

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