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B& 30% off various sets, EOL'd 7573 Battle of Alamut

AmberylAmberyl Member Posts: 193
edited October 2012 in Shopping USA/Canada
Barnes and Noble is currently selling the Prince of Persia large set, 7573 Battle of Alamut, for $55.96 -- 30% below the RRP of $80. This set has been EOL'd for a year, according to the Brickset listing. The aftermarket on Bricklink still has this set for well below RRP, but the B&N price is better than you'll find there.

Stupidly, I bought this set a month ago from an Amazon third-party seller at above RRP, because I hadn't discovered Bricklink yet. It was an enjoyable build; it's basically an Arabian Nights-style castle set. Pretty good value, I think.

B&N currently has a more general 30% off sale that also includes a bunch of PotC sets.


  • MarkVMarkV Member Posts: 42
    Well, as long as you started a B&N thread (they've had 7573 for a couple weeks at least at this price)... They have another PoP set at a significant discount if I remember(they had 7946 King's Castle at RRP a few weeks back as well)

    Anyway, I went to a local B&B to use the 20% off + 10% coupon and came upon the following (mostly 2010) sets
    7188 - King's Carriage Ambush
    8085 - Freeco Speeder
    7984 - Deep Sea Raider
    7985 - City of Atlantis
    8058 - Guardian of the Deep
    7326 - Rise of the Sphinx
    7325 - Cursed Cobra Statue
    2504 - Spinjitzu Dojo
    8088 - ARC 170 Starfighter
    8089 - Hoth Wampa Cave
    8083 - Rebel Trooper Battle Pack
    8084 - Snowtrooper Battle Pack
    7914 - Mandalorian Battle Pack

    All are likely MSRP (well, until they go on clearance)...

    Was the oldest sets in quantity that I've really ever run across (but I'm just out of my Dark Ages this year, so a noob)...

    Anyone think any of this is worth the time at 10% off? Not necessarily for resale, but when I buy "older" sets I always think "If we don't get to them, I can at least Craigslist them and break even."

    I bought the Ghost Train because nothing really caught my eye. Already have 7188, 7984, 8058, 7326, 7325... The kids like Ninjago so considered the Dojo, but...
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