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Where can you get miscellaneous pieces?

melissacurranmelissacurran Member Posts: 15
edited May 2012 in Buying & Selling Topics
I'm in the initial planning stages for a few design ideas I have, bit keep coming across components that I would need (or at least ideally use) but don't own. Many aren't available from's Pick-a-Brick. I know I could try finding them on EBay or searching for sets that include the pieces I wan. Are there any other useful sources out there? I'm not a huge fan of buying through EBay and buying entire sets just to get a few pieces I need seems excessive.

In addition to various specific pieces I am looking for, I would also like to add more plates and tiles of various sizes to my collection. Is there a good resource for this that I am missing? Bulk brick sets seem plentiful, but I can't find the same for plates and tiles.

(I'll add a quick hello and intro here since this is my first post. My name is Melissa and I live in Boston with my husband and our 4-year-old daughter, who also enjoys Legos. I only recently rediscovered my love for Legos, and I've already become Lego crazy!)


  • adello25adello25 U.S.A.Member Posts: 361 site to buy pieces
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    Welcome to the site! As adello25 mentioned, is your best bet; it's a marketplace comprised of independent sellers and has virtually everything one could want in the way of LEGO parts and sets. Here is a discussion about that you may find useful:

    A final possibility is to call LEGO customer service. They stock current elements and some retired elements but it's far from as comprehensive as bricklink.
  • melissacurranmelissacurran Member Posts: 15
    Thank you both for your great suggestion! It looks like I have a lot of browsing to do.
  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu UKMember Posts: 368
    This thread has got me to take another look at Bricklink as I'm after some specific bricks for a couple of MOCs and I also want to build a discontinued set from parts.

    I'd previously shyed away from BL mostly due to lack of transparency around shipping costs. However, now I come to take another look I see BL supports parting out a set to a wanted list and I can then get it to show me 'In Store Counts' but is there anyway to get it to show me the store(s) with the most number of my desire components in stock? As I do not fancy wading through 'Total 170 items in my Wanted List. 38,732 matching lots for sale.' manually!
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    @Cam_n_Stu: Wanted -> By Shop will do what you want, I think - you still have to look at it, because new and used count as two unique pieces.

    I've found varying levels of transparency with BL sellers - but by far I've had more good experiences than bad in a little over a year of purchasing parts and sets on Bricklink.

    My favorite thing to do is build several sets at a time from parts, building bits and pieces of each set as I go. It usually takes several orders to build a set, but putting it together in small chunks is a lot of fun.
  • BrickbuilerBrickbuiler Member Posts: 8
    edited February 2012
    I'm new to the forum and all I have seen in the discussions is Lego sets. I was wondering if someone could lead me to a link that is just misc. legos or things you can build with misc pieces. Thanks. Eddie
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
  • BrickbuilerBrickbuiler Member Posts: 8
    thanks for that Si_Dorking_Surrey_uk on more question. do you know a place to buy cheap misc legos?
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    ^^ ebay
  • jadeirenejadeirene US, CaliforniaMember Posts: 475
    ^^ I would say ebay or craigslist (if you're in the US). You have to be diligent in checking ads and listings, since there are a lot of people out there looking for cheap Lego lots.
  • BrickbuilerBrickbuiler Member Posts: 8
    Thank you! Very much
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,129
    if you are looking for specific pieces then either or

    if you just want a good assortment of basic bricks for building, you can get these types of "brick buckets" new from LEGO or other major retailers, or you can use the pick a brick wall as well.

    if you want a big tub of (hopefully cheap) used pieces of all kinds of variety, then craigslist or any local yard sales are your best bet - but these generally go VERY fast, so you gotta be watching like a hawk. You can also find bulk lots of LEGO on Ebay (sometime by the pound, sometime listed as stuff like "1000 pieces". Personally, I find that the vast majority of these ebay sales tend to be by LEGO power-sellers, and thus the lot has been picked clean of most anything of value, with perhaps the exception of a few choice looking pieces "on top" of the picture to increase the appeal. so not such a good deal in the end. However, if you can find ebay sales that are being listed by people who don't generally sell a lot of LEGO, then they are likely just full bins of stuff their kids have outgrown, and you will get (nearly) complete sets and lots of good variety of pieces.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,280
    Brickbuilder.... by far the best place to find specific LEGO items is Bricklink.

    If if its new or used parts, you really can't find a better selection that there.

    There are 134 MILLION parts and sets available in 5,880 Bricklink stores (mostly small time sellers) on every continent. Even with shipping prices as expensive as they are... you should be able to find sellers in "your neck of the woods"... that will keep down shipping costs.

    Just check out their parts selection....
  • BrickbuilerBrickbuiler Member Posts: 8
    How much is shipping on brick link?
  • romdamromdam Member Posts: 136
    Each person is diff with shipping. Some charge exact plus $1 and so on. I never feel ripped off with shipping or anything. In fact, I have NEVER been ripped off on bricklink in my 12 years dealing there.
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    Every try the Pick a Brick Wall at a LEGO Shop?
  • BrickbuilerBrickbuiler Member Posts: 8
    Whats the link to pick a brick?
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    They have PAB at, but you can also go into the physical store.
  • DavidBrickleyDavidBrickley Richmond, VAMember Posts: 345
    Also, the PAB at lego Shop at Home is good to have open when doing a search on Bricklink. There are a lot of pieces you'll find cheaper on bricklink, but some are the same as what you'd find on PAB and you're getting the "factory fresh" bricks. For the clear pieces (windows, doors, panels, etc), I've found the prices pretty much the same between the two sites.

    However, if you're in a hurry, though, buy local... PAB takes a while to get to the states.
  • BrickbuilerBrickbuiler Member Posts: 8
    What makes lego sets so pricey? (old,vintige, or even some new)
  • DavidBrickleyDavidBrickley Richmond, VAMember Posts: 345
    I'm sure others can do a more comprehensive response, but I would say (1) demand - it's is a consistent high quality product with global brand recognition, (2) supply - sets have a fixed production run, so when they're done, they're done, and (3) cost of materials, as it relates to the price of oil.

    As I said, others could come up with a more comprehensive response, but this is a start.
  • Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
    edited March 2012
    i searched but i cant find it and i remember there was a post or somthing, that people kept track of what was in their local pick a brick walls, but i cant find it, im planning a road trip soon to at least 2 stores, and could use that info....anyone know where to point me?
  • Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
    ty sir
  • MorzaMorza Member Posts: 0
    edited May 2012
    Where I can buy bricks for my sets that my childs lost it
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,830
    Bricklink or lego pick a brick.
  • yys4uyys4u USA SoCalMember Posts: 1,092
    Or if its a new set you just bought, you can call or go online to lego customer service and request replacement parts.
  • norm103norm103 Member Posts: 292
    edited June 2012
    hello all
    im working on a mco and need over 5,000 black 2x4 bricks and 2,000 white 2x4 bricks. Is there anywere i can order these in one batch. lego pab only lets you do 500 at a time. thanks norm
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,659
    edited June 2012
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,561
    Contact and they can give you a quote on a bulk order like that. You will need to speak with a customer service agent directly though.
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Another thought is to buy boxes of them from a Lego store... They get them by the case, they will sell them by the case as well, rather than off the PaB wall, sometimes it is a better deal.
  • DadsAFOLDadsAFOL USAMember Posts: 617
    Contact and they can give you a quote on a bulk order like that. You will need to speak with a customer service agent directly though.
    Have you had this work? Whenever I've called, they say they can't order more than what can be ordered on PaB. (Which is 999, not 500).
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,561
    I didn't order that many but they also didn't quote me any limits when they suggested a bulk order either. They did tell me though that I had to send the inventory of the order via email if there had been more than 10 different types of parts.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,979
    edited October 2012
    So... how do you get your bricks for building?? From buying discounted sets you don't plan on building and using those bricks? From pick a bick online? Other?

    I have three kids. We've mainly focused on sets. The kids are interested in a set. They build it. They play with it. End of story. My son, though, does free build. He also has loved MBA, and free builds from that as well.

    Over the last few years, I have bought a number of grab bags here and there. I have probably bought at least 10. I found that $7.99 made for a cheap afternoon of entertainment for 3 kids. They play for a few hours, and then we'd put the pieces into our generic box of Legos.

    Usually we keep the loose legos separate from the box of Legos. After a year or two, I pack up a set in ziplocs if they have stopped playing with it. (Such as our Atlantis sets...I packed all of those up a month back.) I keep the sets separate, in case they want to build them again. There have been a few exceptions, where a set has been overplayed with , and I dump it into the generic box of Legos.

    I recently went through and sorted and organized all the loose Legos.
    The amount of building and play with these has gone through the roof. My daughter made a Fairy Garden, and various biomes. My other daughter made a pumpkin. I made a tree to go with the Haunted House. My son made a number of items.

    The problem now, is that I can no longer easily add variety to our loose Legos now that the grab bags are gone. We've seen that having that variation has been a big benefit. The pick-a-brick wall at the store has very little in the way of interesting bricks.

    So... back to the initial question. How do you get your bricks for building?? From buying discounted sets you don't plan on building and using those bricks? From pick a bick online? Other?

    Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to supplement our loose Legos now that the grab bags are gone.
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    My standard route for new bricks has been discounted Creator sets, since the price per part is lower usually and those sets always get discounted heavily. Cost aside, I like those sets because they tend to choose 2 or 3 primary colors with a short list of brick types. That way you can hone into the color palette you're looking for, i.e. grays, black, yellow, red, blue sets. While getting sufficient number of each brick to make them useful during MOC. The part variety is pretty good usually, a mix of 1x?, 2x? in decent amount, along with healthy doses of slopes and plates.

    The other route for obtaining new parts involves a second process of selling, where I would buy a new released set that is licensed and heavy in unique minifigs to part out and sell. The figs pay for almost the entire set, even if bought at RRP. Examples are Jabba's Palace, Joker Fun House, Avengers Quinjet.

    During last BF holiday season, I built up a stack of free PAB boxes that were put to great use in building the loose inventory. So that's one option which will be coming up soon.

    But the single quickest way to expand the inventory in terms of volume as well as part diversity, ebay or Craigslist bulk lots. That is if you don't mind used bricks and having to clean/sort them first. But it is tremendously cheaper to build up stock this way, as you'll find some valuable parts or minifigs that you can quickly sell off to recoup the outlaid money.

    I'm real hesitant to part out complete sets, as the money obtained from selling them whole is worth more than the bricks themselves if you purchased them by bricklink. So cost-wise, it would make more sense to round up all the unwanted used sets and sell them off to build a 'loose brick' fund.
  • aimlesspursuitsaimlesspursuits USMember Posts: 207
    edited October 2012
    I originally started with grab bags as well, then I found Garage Sales and then Craigslist.

    Garage sales are the hard since you have to drive around a bit so it's quite hit or miss. Best bet is during community garage sales which occur regularly in my area. I've gotten some pretty good deals on a couple large lots as well as bunch of smaller lots.

    Craigslist is a pretty good source but it's been getting harder because of resellers in my area. I tend to check fairly regularly. Pricing is usually higher than garage sales too.

    Only drawback that I've seen from either is the brick quality and cleanliness can be kinda least for the price I'm willing to pay. I usually end up washing all of the bricks that I buy from either source just in case.
  • lesliesfbaylesliesfbay Member Posts: 10
    I have bought several times from Go to the website, select search and type in Lego. The list that comes up will represent a number of different Goodwill warehouses across the country. So be sure to check the estimated shipping cost. Or in the search window, select a warehouse that is close to you under the seller pop-up menu and then search again.

    Buying from Goodwill varies from warehouse to warehouse. In the OR Columbia-Williamette warehouse, they obviously have AFOL on staff sorting everything out for maximum revenue for the charity. You get a 10 lb box from them and you get 98% authentic lego bricks and pieces with some dust/dirt. No minifigures, as those are sold in separate lots. Cost per pound averages $7-10 including shipping.

    I bought from other goodwill warehouses, and I've found vegetable oil, other brand pieces, random hair clumps. To avoid non-lego blocks, you just have to carefully eyeball the images.

    Is it rewarding? I guess so if you are just interested in bulking up your collection of freeplay bricks. They also have NIB sets and lots of partial sets too, but bidding on them is too close to RRP at times.

    I've bought from Craigslist and garage sales before. Craigslist was really hit and miss. 1 gallon bag of all lego for $20. 25 lbs of 80% megablocks for $25 the other time. I have not managed a huge score from a garage sale yet. But I think those are the best bargains.
  • BeardedCastleGuyBeardedCastleGuy Member Posts: 127
    @lesliesfbay another one of my nemesis! Err I've gotten some lots from as well.
    As mentioned shop.goodwill does vary in .... quality from store to store in a few ways. It starts with the pictures and descriptions, some locations are much better about the number and quality of pictures and even just how much detail is shown in the pictures. It continues in how the parts/sets are sorted, as in how 'pure' they are, aka how much other junk is mixed in.

    One place not yet mentioned is, while it tends to be more useful for specific parts if you shop well you can get quantities of even basic parts at decent prices.

    You might be able to find some deal on ebay or it's local equal.

    Most of my 'modern' collections is broken down sets or PaB cups with perhaps 3 or 4 of the lamented Grab Bags. When i was growing up new sets were a rarity but garage sale or flea market finds.

    I would pay attention to which lines are going clearance, if they get cheap (which for me means 40% or more off) consider picking up a set or 3 if you can even if it's totally outside what you normally get. What this does is add an unusual variety to what you have.
  • jdylakjdylak Member Posts: 281
    Bricklink if you know what you want. You can find pieces $.01 apiece there. I myself have never seen a single brick at a flea market, rummage sale, or thrift store. Not one brick in over 20 years. Odd.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
    Another BrickLinker here. When I have a new project in mind I basically have enough parts that I can start working on the concept and get it to a level where the design solidifies. Then I buy all the missing parts on BrickLink. At the same time I will also pick up some parts I know I will need for future projects.

    I really like BrickLink because I won't end up with a bunch of parts I won't need and will probably never use (like when buying random sets). I have limited space, so this works out best for me...(c:
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    I pretty much get the parts I need for a project from Bricklink, although I frequently pick up extras of stuff I commonly use when I find a good deal.

    I essentially have two collections at this point; sets and parts for MOC work. I don't really like to mix the two as I really hate having to spend time piecing sets back together later on.
  • mikersoftmikersoft Member Posts: 57
    I've also begun to use Brinklink often. When I need particular parts for a MOC, I'll always browse a store's complete inventory and add extra parts that I think might be useful in the future or just look like great deals.

  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,167 is hit or miss because if many people are also hunting online it drives the price up..
    I have seen some absurd prices on LEGO at, so Im not sure that is the place to go for parts.
    Plus while you have resellers that goggle up sets at stores, you have AFOLs that stakeout their local goodwills to find LEGO lots.

    There is always shop&home PAB online, or PAB at the store or all of which offer new parts (well BL offers both new AND used parts as well)
    Part lots off of eBay, and goodwill are hit and miss.. not bad if you want parts, but those parts are not always clean, really same with PAB at the store (lots of grubby fingers going through those bins)
    Craigslist may be good deals but I really do not like having to go meet someone with a sum of money somewhere, but that is just me.
    Garage sales are hit and miss because nowadays people know of eBay, so they then try to get eBay prices at their garage sales.

    I would say that for bulk parts, like brick, that PAB at the stores can be useful, at least mine has plenty of 1x bricks in different colors and what not, and the inventory does not always change greatly but I always can fill a cup with brick only because of possible uses for buildings.
    BL is better if you know what you want (like you know you need 24 1x8 black brick for example) and there is a wide range of parts..
    Bottom line is there are plenty of ways to get parts, but no always easy to find at good prices.

    The other way to it is buy creator sets (if you need brick and parts for buildings) Or just wait for clearances at or in the store, or online. LEGO had a couple of PoTC sets on sale but the parts in those sets were need enough to snag a couple.

    And I know people on here were trying to come up with a master db of all PAB at LEGO stores across the world, or at least in the US I think...
    You could always ask if there is a PAB somewhere that has different parts to grab.
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,561
    Go to the mall. Mug customers leaving the Lego Store. Run fast.
  • cbaker1974cbaker1974 Member Posts: 150
    I've had good luck with bulk lots off of eBay...some great, some good, some just ok. But even the "just ok" was fine after I sorted it out, and the sorting was fun anyway. Try and stay near or below $5 per lb. I like to pick lots from sellers that are not selling by "the scoop" i.e...look for lots where the seller is just selling 1 or 2 lots and not a few lbs over and over from a giant pile.

    I think I like that because there's a good chance of getting some complete sets where kids (or parents) have just broken down the sets into a large tub. Have gotten a Ft. Legoredo, Black Seas Barracuda, original Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts castle this way. If you don't want any complete sets you find, then you can sell those which will often make the loose bricks free most times. Even if you don't sell the sets, you've got pieces which naturally go together well (i.e. the "basics" of a train, so that you can make any train you'd like, or enough space-related parts to make a cool ship).
  • khmellymelkhmellymel United KingdomMember Posts: 1,292
    ^ I got a few really good deals on LEGO a year or two back from eBay where people were just selling by the flat rate shipping box load (US of course). But you have to be sure to buy from someone who actually checks their LEGO for real LEGO. Sometimes the odd random MB is in there, but otherwise it ain't half bad.
  • GothamConstructionCoGothamConstructionCo Colchester UKMember Posts: 784
    prof1515 said:

    Go to the mall. Mug customers leaving the Lego Store. Run fast.

    What if they were only buying Duplo?

  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,561
    In the past I'd give it to my nieces. Now, I'd resell it and piss off people. :-P
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,979
    Lol! That made me laugh.

    Thanks everybody for the tips.
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