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G'day... from the land down under

adventuresinlegoadventuresinlego Member Posts: 12
edited September 2012 in Introduce yourself
g'day, I've just decided to join the forums too, but have been to the site sicne the start of the year. I've returned to Lego after a 15 year absence on account of my kid who is too young for it atm, but I'm building him a huge collection so when he is older him and I can make epic MOCs of anything he imagines. Using it for education as well especially with all the collectible minifigures, where we sit there and recite all the names of the characters haha although he says Egyptian Queen as Edgepit Keen but he's getting there!

Anyway, we have a very healthy collection so far but I need to slow down as it's sending me broke haha

but anyway, howdy!


  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
    I did the same with my boy, and starting to hoard some sets away for the youngest too. My eldest is probably a bit young as well, but he still likes to play with all his City sets. I also found its been very educational, even just for learning names of things, like 'wheels', 'roof', 'windscreen' etc. The most recent space sets have been great as they are modeled on actual ships, satellites and astronauts, so he learns a lot from them.

    Anyway, hello from across the ditch!
  • adventuresinlegoadventuresinlego Member Posts: 12
    Yeah that's it! I am enjoying going through all the collectible minifigures with him as well as the colours but calling them by their general names like Navy for Dark Blue so I don't confuse the poor kid haha

  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
    Haha, yeah, don't pull out the 'maersk blue' or 'trans neon orange' just yet :) Yeah, the figs are definitely a hit in our house too. I think he owns more now than I ever did in my childhood!
  • adventuresinlegoadventuresinlego Member Posts: 12
    I can't remember how many we had, but they certainly weren't of the design quality they are these days haha
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