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Ice Planet and setting other prices.

Hi again folks. I've read here there are a number of ice planet fans. However I've been trying to sell the space station 6983 online for a couple weeks with no success.

Its in excellent condition, no discolouration/damage or play wear. However its incomplete. So I appreciate it may not have the same draw for collectors. It has almost all the pieces with main exception being the orange dome piece. However taking the vehicles into account there is still alot of cool pieces (base plate!) and alot of bricks. I also have instructions in excellent shape.

So my question is... what would be a fair price? Also should I try and source missing pieces to attract others?

Im not looking to profiteer but I want to sell it to invest towards some castle stuff.

Any advice appreciated.


  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,538
    If the large trans-orange piece is missing I would have no interest in it personally and I imagine most potential buyers feel the same way. Without it you will probably have a tough time getting a bite. You may want to consider sourcing the missing part(s) from Bricklink and then selling it as a complete set. I say that without looking up how much those giant windows cost but you would almost certainly get more interest and $$ in return if you take the time to make it 100%
  • PhoneboothPhonebooth Member Posts: 1,430
    Honestly, I didn't think Brickset was the place to request valuations - your best bet is to use ebay, bricklink or brickpicker to establish a realistic price expectation:

    Based on brickpicker, you should expect around 40 used COMPLETE, but without the orange pieces I would say try to get $10-$15.
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