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[CA] 9499 Gungan Sub - $51.03 (49.82% off) from

If you live in Ontario, the discount works out to be 49.82% off. Different taxes in different provinces will mean different discounts relative to your RRP incl tax, but in any case, its huge savings. I was on the fence about this set since it's release, and the price tag of $100+ after HST was definitely holding me back. As usual, the super cheap shipping only goes up minimally for each consecutive item you buy, so the more you buy, the better the reative discount!

NOTE: Price per set goes down a bit when you buy more than one because it is only 2 pounds for each additional item shipped.

(PS - If they ship it via their fulfillment center in Germany, then its almost guaranteed that you won't have to pay duties etc via DHL. If they fulfill the order from Scotland, then they usually ship with UPS, and those bricks at UPS always ding you for duties and customs etc. Google UPS duties scam and you'll see what I mean.)
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.