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Build a Better Piggy-Bank Contest - Cash Prizes!

akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
Guys, I have been contacted by an investment advisory group that is running a contest to build a fun version of the classic piggy-bank. The contest is not LEGO only, however they contacted me specifically to reach out to the LEGO community and invite its members to participate.

It would be fun if LEGO fans would run away with the prizes! It shouldn't be too hard to pull it off with all the talent in the community! BTW, the prizes are very generous cash prizes! First place $1,000, second place $500, etc.

Unfortunately they only got in contact a couple of days ago so there is only two weeks left, but if someone is interested to go for it here is your chance! I'm really busy in the next two weeks and I'm a slow builder but if inspiration strikes me I will enter as well. Also, spread the word in your LEGO clubs, fansites, forums, blogs, etc. LEGO should win! :D

Here is the link with the details:
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