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Want List/Trade List (US)

skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
I have the following for trade or will consider selling. US only please. Please take a look at my wants list below. Thanks

Harry Potter
4706 Forbidden Corridor (complete, w/box and instructions)
4711 Flying Lessons (complete, w/box and instructions)
4714 Gringotts Bank (missing globe lamp, w/box and instructions)
4727 Aragog in the Dark Forest (complete, w/box, andinstrucions)
4729 Dumbledores Office (missing 1 green cup, w/box and instructions)
4735 Slytherin (complete, w/box and instructions)
4737 Quidditch Match complete with instructions
4865 Forbidden Forest complete with instructions

Star Wars
Will not break up Minifigure lot.

7931 Complete w/instructions
9488 Complete w/instructions
7915 Complete w/instructions

Obi Wan Clone Wars Style
Ki Adi Mundi
Anakin Clone Wars Blue Light Saber
Kit Fisto Yellow Light Saber
Yoda Clone Wars
Sasee Tin
Mace Windu
Shaak Ti
Eath Koth
Plo Koon
Aayla Secura
Nahdar Vebb
Quinlan Vos

Exo Force
7708 Uplink complete with instructions
7711 Sentry x 2 complete with 1 set of instructions
8107 Fight for the Golden Tower complete with instructions

Royal Guard
Classic Alien x 2
Ice Fisherman

6865 (no captain america or bike) $5

Lego Castle
7946 loose, complete with instructions
6981 Blacksmith Attack New in Box
7188 Kings Carraige Ambush New in box
7187 Escape from Dragons Prison New in Box
7950 Medeval Melee loose complete w/ instructions
7955 Wizard loose complete w/instructions
7948 Outpost Attack loose complete w/ instructions
7953 Jester loose complete w/ instructions
7949 Prison Carraige Rescue complete w/instructions

Marvel and DC Superheroes Minifigures
Hulk (big version not the polybag)
Black Widow
Doc Ock
Iron Fist
6867 Cosmic Cube Escape
76001 Tumbler Chase
76000 Batman on Ice
76005 Daily Bugle
76004 SpiderMan Cycle Chase
10937 Arkhm Asylum

Minifigs Series 1
Zombie from series 1 or Halloween 3 pack (want multiples)

Lego City can be loose but must be complete and in good condition
Various Buildings (gas station, stores, etc.)
3677 Red Cargo Train
7280, 7281 Street Baseplates
7642 Garage
7993 Gas Station
7641 City Corner
779348 Lego Community
60009 helicopter arrest
60008 museum breakin
60007 high speed chase
10224 Lego Town Hall
10232 Palace Cinema


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