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10212- Imperial Shuttle Trade (Australia)

shannon26shannon26 Member Posts: 24
Looking at seeing if there is anyone interested in the following trade. Would prefer if possible for it to be (South Australia) otherwise willing for it to be Australia wide but would prefer a trader here who has completed some successful trades.

I have a Imperial Shuttle 10212 that I am interested in trading off, The box has been opened but none of the bags, booklets etc have been opened. The reason for this is that I bought 2 sets and one arrived with a very beat up box so when building my set in the past I kept the "good" box to transfer all the sealed bags, books etc into the better of the two boxes, the one I opened.

The following is what I am after, some may be priced more/less that what I have for offer so a "deal" could be worked out.

10188 - Death Star
10221 Super Star Destroyer
10224 Town Hall
8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400
10184 Town Plan
10210 Imperial Flagship
10187 Volkswagen Beetle
10194 Emerald Night


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