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Rubber Band / Belt Holder and the rubber bands themselves

Just been sorting a large lot of LEGO, and have several rubber band belt holders, Having never owned a set that have these in, just interested to understand are the rubber band/ belt holders ever used in the building of a set. Or purely there to hold the rubber band before assembly.

Looks like I have nearly a complete sets of parts to make some sets, however missing the rubber bands as suspect they are perished.

So does the rubber band/belt holder give an indication of the size (length) of rubber band required.

Lots of rubber bands for sale on bricklink but reluctant to purchase a used one.

Is there anywhere that has actual dimensions of the various rubbers bands. Bricklink seem to have them all listed and indicate if square cross section, that is all.

Many Thanks for the help.


  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    @Rich69, i got a slightly older set on ebay a few months back that had one but the rubber bands weren't on it, i think they were in a little cardboard envelope like the modern ones are... Based on that my impression of the intent was a place to store rubber bands when not assembled on the model... I know many have used them in MOCs as well.
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