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Off Topic: Star Wars Reference Books

CrownieCrownie WA StateMember Posts: 228
I hope this is okay to post in this forum. There seem to be a large portion of Star Wars fans that frequent this message board, so I thought it's be a good place to ask: Is there a definitive Star Wars Reference Book?

Aside from the original trilogy, I don't have any Stars Wars merchandise (including LEGO!) at all. I'm more of a 'casual fan' that appreciates the significant cultural impact that the films have had over the years. I'm interested in picking up a book or two for my library that covers the films, ect. but am unsure where to start - the amount of information out there is staggering!

Does anyone have any suggestions? For someone entering the Star Wars universe, where's a good place to begin?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,235
    Rinzler's The Making of Star Wars volumes are probably some of the best ones out there.

    The Star Wars Vault by Sansweet is also OK if you are interested in the behind the scenes type stuff. It has a lot of gimmicky reproduction memorabilia in it, but is a nice coffee table style book. It also includes radio adverts and interviews on a CD.

  • FurrysaurusFurrysaurus Hiding in the kitchen.Member Posts: 156
    ^ agreed on rinzler. the empire one is awesome. for MOC's, i like 'inside the worlds of star wars' by jenssen - looks like you can pick it up used on amazon for a couple bucks.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,282
    For me it would have to be the Visual Encyclopedia - Expanded Edition for the films, and for behind the scenes Star Wars Year By Year which I love.
  • CrownieCrownie WA StateMember Posts: 228
    edited March 2013
    Is this the one you're thinking of, @CapnRex101? -->

    Those Rinzler books look amazing, though I fear my inner book snob would only allow me to purchase hardcover versions, lol. Could get expensive.

    Thanks for the input, guys!
  • LegoDad42LegoDad42 Member Posts: 59
    I thought this was a good Star Wars reference...
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,282
  • CrownieCrownie WA StateMember Posts: 228
    Thanks, @CapnRex101. So is the one you linked to above just an updated version of the previous? I might start with one of these DK books to see if they "scratch the itch" before venturing into the more expensive territory of the Rinzler Books.

    (Got to have money for LEGO, after all, lol.)

    @LegoDad42 - that book looks wonderful as well, though I think there's an 'updated and expanded' version available? It's so hard to keep up with all of these Star Wars Books; I'm torn between being thankful that I'm not more of a fan for my wallets' sake and feeling a bit 'left out' that I'm not part of such an enormous fandom...
  • LegoDad42LegoDad42 Member Posts: 59
    ^ I know what you mean @Crownie. There are a million Star Wars books to cipher through. If you're just looking for reference to make Star Wars Moc's (and not just a general reference) try the technical-type books like Star Wars Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels. I have a couple of these books and gives good illustrations and specs for your ships to build (IMHO).
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