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Tower bridge

CommanderRaabCommanderRaab Edinburgh, ScotlandMember Posts: 612
Hi all

Hope this is in the correct area of the forums, apologies if it is not. Until now I have always bought and built for myself, but I am thinking of investing in a little bit of lego to see how the resale market goes. Does resale even make sense? I dont intend to take the mick with pricing (as I have seen some eBay auctions) but thought I could hold onto something for a few years and sell it to someone wanting it to make a little bit of interest, so like a Lego savings account :)

I was looking at Tower bridge and seeing it has been out a while. What are people's thoughts on buying this as an investment? Is it likely to become unavailable anytime soon? If so, is it just better to get 1 now or rather wait for a sale and hopefully get one at that stage?



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