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Set Reviews

cbowerscbowers Member Posts: 21
edited June 2011 in
I am noticing that the set reviews section is now being flagged for helpful and non helpful reviews. I know I have reviewed some questionable sets, but to the right person I don't feel like my review is not helpful. It seems that in the case of the Island Extreme Stunts Truck and trikes that the set is most likely geared towards a young audience. I did purchase the set at 18 just because I wanted to be back into some sort of city lego because there was nothing any good out. (You can imagine my let down, but after collecting the useful sets in the short series, I had to have them all).

My review is based on the practicality of the set amongst other sets. The fact that only one person has found the review useful flags something to me: that either I am being too negative and that it should be rated higher just because it's lego, or that I am targeting too young of an audience there and they simply don't like my negative response. The response is there for any collectors and to beware anyone in the future about such large pieces.

I realize that outside of the forums we are dealing with a differnt animal. I appreciate the seperation (I know that is a different topic).

Secondly, I was surprised at the amount of set reviews for one minifigure as opposed to any regular set with pieces that make up a model and can actually be gauged. I don't see how the Vampire of the Collectible minifigures deserves 10 reviews. I don't see how it deserves any really. The review is self explanatory. Great you're excited about getting the Dracula, don't write a review. It's not pertinent.

Rant ended.


  • TechnicNickTechnicNick Berkshire, UKMember Posts: 279
    I think you're quite right. When I review a set (usually Technic), I am comparing it to others of it's type and it's relevance to me. These reviews can't help but be somewhat subjective which is why it's useful to have several reviews to read of a single set. As for reviewing a minifigure, there really doesn't seem to be any point...

    Having done a review, I'm happy for other Brickset users to decide if it's helpful or not and I don't think there is a firm correlation between helpfulness and effusive positivity.
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