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thewerewithalthewerewithal Member Posts: 28
edited June 2011 in Collecting
So this current BOGO 50% hooked me a bit... the sets at my TRU in Chicago were a bit steep though compared to target, but the Neptune Carrier fascinated me, so I bricklinked it... $30. Then I saw the HQ and bought that for $32. Both sealed. My question is, I intend to build one, and then keep one in box - Which should I build and which should I keep in box on the shelf?
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  • NabiiNabii Member Posts: 3
    The Neptune Carrier is one of my favourite sets to build from last year, highly recommended. HQ is a good model, but not as good a building experience.
  • MatthewMatthew Cheshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 3,734
    I found the build of HQ irritating, as the side panels were always falling off if you pressed too hard, and they were a pain in the neck to fix. There were other things that kept falling apart too. I never got the Neptune Carrier so I can't tell you what it's like, but I did watch the mini movies on the Atlantis micro site, and felt it would have been better on the same scale as that, a £100+ type model.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Member Posts: 4,401
    edited June 2011
    From an aesthetic perspective, the HQ and Temple are pretty cool as is the robot/sub set. I'll probably pass on the others.
  • thewerewithalthewerewithal Member Posts: 28
    ^that's what I thought in terms of the HQ. I like the shape of the Carrier though. I'll probably build both.
  • AETerryAETerry Member Posts: 48
    If you're looking to keep anything in a box, probably the HQ. I do have that set and enjoy it, but compared to my other Atlantis sets, it's not that exciting.

    The Neptune Carrier is the last set for me to get, I'll probably have to go through an on-line sellar at this point. But it's the one that looks the most exciting (probably because I don't have it yet) and would really try to get.
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