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Ferry Models? Where can I buy them?

tantalustantalus Member Posts: 5
I've noticed that LEGO has fairly often produced really cool models of Ferry's for actually operating Ferry lines, like for the Stenna Line and the Viking Line. I really love these models, and love collecting models of actually operating vehicles and buildings etc, (I love the Maersk models), rather than the more general city models. However, I don't have the money to buy these from the secondary market, as they all cost a fortune, but seeing as how LEGO seems to produce a new ferry model every year or two, does anyone have any advice on how I might keep track of when they do release a new one? Is there a way to get news on these, so that I can try and buy one before they fall out of production? Is there anyone else who collects these kinds of models who has any advice?

Does anyone else collect this type of model? Models of real life things? Like I said, I love the Maersk models, I also love the more complicated Architecture stuff (Fallinwater, Robie House), I purchased the Italian Police Lamborghini, etc.. I'm not even sure what to call my own particular LEGO fetish, but are there others out there who collect this type of subset of sets? Do we have a name? lol.

Thanks for all the help. I'm pretty new to LEGO (but, of course, I loved it as a kid), and figured I'd finally chime in now that I've found my own collecting niche.


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,525
    You can get information on them from and from the frontpage of brickset. You normally have at least a year to purchase them.
  • ThegoThego UKMember Posts: 264
    "Every year or two"? I didn't there had been one of these for years?
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,059
    Sadly they haven't made one since 1999 and I'd say are unlikely to again.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,525
    edited February 2013
    Maybe not ferries but there have been container ships - Maersk 2004 / 2010.
  • BastaBasta Australia Member Posts: 1,259
    As above, I think you missed the boat on the ferries :p been a long time since they were out.

    I to like the more advanced sets modelled after iconic buildings and vehicles, currently available sets i would suggest are the VW Camper #10220, Sopwith Camel #10226, London Tower Bridge, Shuttle Expidition (if you can find one) and of course the Modulars.

  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,653
    edited February 2013
    There is also this one #4997 . If you are really interested, you could always just go to BL and do it piece meal and get the instructions online.
  • tantalustantalus Member Posts: 5
    Ahh, yes, last ferry was in 1999. Don't know how I missed it. I have the VW van, which is great, but Sopwith and Tower Bridge don't do it for me. Neither do the modulars - I like models that recreate actual things. So, the new theater not so much, but if it was a recreation of an actual theater, that's a different story. And I like the Ferry's because they model actually running ferries. I'd love to see planes like this too - not the generic city plane, but the Boeing 787, for instance. I guess I'm just a corporate shill? ;) I love these corporate models, I guess.
  • julian977julian977 UKMember Posts: 65
    3-in-1 creator set #7345 also has a small ferry as an alternative build. Nothing special or unusual in that build and hardlyn uses 2/3 of the parts in the whole set, so probably easy to make from your spare bits and a few from bricklink.
  • pricey73pricey73 UKMember Posts: 352
  • tantalustantalus Member Posts: 5
    Wow, pricey73, I totally am. Thanks for the tip!
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