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NOTICE- The set 10193 Medieval Market Village set is in the retiring soon section of and is sold out, meaning they will not be reciving any new ones in store. However on Amazon as of 2/1/13 at around 9 pm when I got mine there were about 70 left, so get em while their around!

Anyway, I dont know if there are other pages like this, but would you rather pay less for a used set on a low price than pay xxx or even xxxx for a new one? For me, I would care if its used, so what if someone else built it, as long as all pieces are there (Idc about instructions- can get online) but I know some would prefer their own set new.

So what do you think? Go ahead and say below!


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    For most sets I would pay extra for a new set. I have bought used sets in the past but I'm now finding it to be annoying to inventory the set, identify missing pieces (they are always missing pieces/incorrect colors/faded pieces), order the pieces from Brick Link and then clean the pieces.

    I personally have to have the physical instruction manual next to me when I build a set. I don't own a tablet so building a set and having the instructions displayed on a computer is not functional. That of course increases the price of used sets.
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    Depends on whether it is still in production and, if EOL, the price differential. If in production, I will always go for the new set -- particularly because discounts are almost always available.

    For EOL sets, willing to pay up to a 25% markup over RRP for a new set -- it's just worth it for peace of mind. I did this for a bunch of SW that had recently EOLed when I came out of my Dark Ages (Slave I, Endor, some Hoth sets).

    But for a more expensive older set, a used one that is in good condition and complete is best. I do prefer to get the instructions when possible. Box is optional but I usually take the presence of one as a good sign that the owner cared for the set. Just got a used electronic AT-AT and it was well worth it.
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    PS- I do mean for a retired set. And the bad thing is- I still played with LEGO when they had Harry Potter, but I never got them just cause I didnt like the movies -.- (I discovered them for the 2010/2011 waves) and have to do ebay to find sets for there, I have yet to find ones that dont end in or have outrageous $$$$ and have all pieces.
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