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Mr_Perkins: Hello from Leeds, UK.

Mr_PerkinsMr_Perkins Member Posts: 2
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I knew something was wrong when I kept the boxes for the Duplo that was bought for my son. Those bright colours triggered something long forgotten. He's almost 4.5 now, and starting to move up to Lego. So why am I buying sets for a 6 year old and stashing them away in the loft?
I'm sure it's a familiar tale.
He's into the Lego dinosaurs from 10 years ago right now. The pieces are just right and he loves building different ones from his vast knowledge of the dinosaur kingdom. I've bought a few from Ebay, but the Styracosaur is still evading us.
I seem to just be doing random buying at the moment. I got a bit carried away with Series 3 minifigs. Can anyone point me at a proper cheat sheet for the bump codes? I've got a few that just don't match anything I've seen so far.
I think that what I'll end up doing is Creator stuff. I was daft enough to buy some Hero Factory androids for the boy to play with, but after a "I am Von Nebula, I am going to kill you!" incident at nursery, these are going to be sold. Creator has got had some nice dinosaurs over the years, I'll pick those up when I see them cheap on Ebay, and maybe stock up on some others for "future use" (ie ones for me to gloat over in their boxes).
Modular buildings make me drool, but I wouldn't dare break the seal.
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Shopping at or Amazon?

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