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Brickfête - June 28-31 2011, Toronto Ontario Canada.

jvwindenjvwinden Member Posts: 2
edited June 2011 in Community and Events
First off sorry for not posting this sooner, we only just realized that Brickset has a Forum :(

And now the Announcement..

The baseplates are laid, the studs have been covered and the last brick has been snapped into place.

Only one piece is missing (in this moc): you!

obb (Ontario brick Builders) is proud to present the inaugural Canadian LEGO fan event.
Join us for

July 28th-31st, 2011
The Assembly Hall Cultural Center
1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We have some Cool activities and collaborative displays planned, Such as:

JaC TraC
A Nano HEX bug maze where registered members bring the maze pieces, assemble them and then release the BUGS!

OBB Town Standard
If you would like to add your creations to our train layout, we have created a Standard that will be used for the Ontario Brick Builders for all of our future shows, Don't have enough brick to build the track or road pieces, We will be able to provide some road/Track sections (MOC Pre Registrations is required so we will how many extra modules we need...

Have you got a custom Cafe-Corner styled building, If so, this is the street to put it on!

Always wanted to build a Moonbase, but never had anyone to link yours too? We will have a moonbase display at Brickfête, So bring your modules and help us create a large moonbase!

Want to build a town but you don't have the brick? or are you traveling from afar? Here is a great way to get involved we will have a Micro Town Layout on display:
Do you like Moonbases but don't have the SPACE to bring one? Why not build some modules in Micro Scale...

Castle GREEN SPACE Standard
We already have 2 large Castles registered, and we thought it would be cool if those two castles were connected with some Green space (or Forests, or Fields) ...

We need your help! Log in to Brickfête, Register and join the Party..

Jeff VW
The Brickfête Team
"A festival run by fans, made by the fans, for the fans."


  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    ^ Sounds cool. Post something in the event index as well.
  • jvwindenjvwinden Member Posts: 2
    Cmale did a few days ago (Thanks cmale!)
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