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What has the extent of your lego collection/obsession come to?

omgitsrenzoomgitsrenzo Member Posts: 46
I was just wondering, how much has lego really influenced you these days? Mine is getting pretty crazy. I really try not to overbuy anymore since I'm getting broke from frenzied buying.
Eh, collection lego has given me such a cool reputation is school actually. I recently have a presentation in my economics class about Legos and everybody got blown away. I think think my teacher even went out and bought a couple to start. I'm permanently labeled as the lego guy and it's pretty sweet. Don't get me wrong, it's not a nickname that came
With malice. Alot of people genuinely think it's cool haha.

So what has it brought upon you? Is is a curse or a blessing?


  • jasorjasor Member Posts: 839
    I'm AFOL, and have a KFOL. We didnt get into it really really crazy until last Christmas when one of my friends sent me a Luke's Landspeeder set as a present. I now have 200+ sets. HAHA

    It's pretty crazy. I was into Legos as a kid, have always collected toys (Mostly Star Wars), and just missed the boat on Legos. I dont even collect other SW toys.

    Love SW, LOTR, Super Heroes both DC/MARVEL, and have custom built my own Lego official Cloud City from dark bluish gray parts, MOC'd the middle computer screen piece of the original Batcave with the new one released (Frankencave), and working on MOC'ing a Rancor stall to attach to the pit, complete with desert entrance plate to put the tower from Jabba's Palace on.

    it's a cursed blessing. HAHA!

    My KFOL loves SW, like really cool little girls should, and enjoys the Friends theme on off times. We have custom built her a house based off Olivia's House to display all her Friends bobbles in.
  • BrianBrian Guest Posts: 87
    edited January 2013
    I bought the Battle of Helms Deep and An Unexpected Gathering sets, when I have never seen the movies or read the books. : P
  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    I'm also an AFOL with kids that are into LEGO. Not only do I enjoy building but I get to build with my kids. My wife loves looking for sales and deals on LEGO and enjoys seeing built sets and new cool minifigs. I would say its brought our family closer. Blessing all the way!
  • NoizetankNoizetank Member Posts: 48
    I started off only wanting 2-3 SW sets now my house is over flowing with sets from city, ninjago, potc and more lol my mrs is ok with lego but not the fact it is all over the front room, bedroom and kitchen
  • jhuntin1jhuntin1 Member Posts: 53
    I went through my dark ages from 2002-2009, and all my earlier sets except the trains are in big boxes in the basement of my parents house in another town. Since 2009, my den is overflowing with boxes, as it takes less room to store all the sets in the box then it does to build them and collapse them somehow.
  • kylejohnson11kylejohnson11 Member Posts: 508
    I'm currently know as the LEGO guy at work. I've got a few LOTR/Hobbit polybags and smaller sets up and the calendar. All of my coworkers know I buy, sell, trade, and build which is cool.

    Outside of work, my wife and I enjoy building together. When it comes time to do the Christmas Village, we split it 50/50 on putting the buildings together. A lot of the larger sets we'll do together too.

    Our boys are starting to get knee deep in Duplo, ages 2 1/2 and 15 months. It's a lot of fun to see. Especially the 2 1/2 yearold because he is really taking interest in LEGO on top of the Duplos.

    Overall I'd say it is a huge blessing. I've been able to meet some great people through the hobby and have some great bonding time with my family and coworkers.
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor Member Posts: 1,258
    First the bad: I have all but completely sacrificed READING!! This is a big deal to me because while LEGO is my hobby, literature is my life. But since I decided to open a BL store to supplement buying for me and my son, I have NO spare time. In the Dark Age of 2011, I read 86 books; in 2012, only 24!! Yes, I have kept an annual list for the past decade.

    Now the good: I have a ton of LEGO. Duh. But seriously, my son and I play more, and he is a wonderful help sorting and pulling orders. I think overall I am usually in better spirits than I used to be because my mind is preoccupied and no longer broods upon "The World." But this is also a mixed blessing... The side income is nice, nothing to pay the bills with, but enough to fund the hobby and surprise the wife.
  • krklintkrklint Member Posts: 502
    I reached 100,000 piece count over the 2012 holiday season. My girlfriend builds with me. I actually spent time to train my cat to not touch Lego (unless it rolls on wheels :) and I find every reason possible to use Lego while teaching college students... and they tweet about my classes due to Lego. I guess I'm "that guy" in the teaching ranks.
  • TheCultLeaderTheCultLeader Member Posts: 48
    I've always enjoyed building with Lego but until recently did not have the space or money to collect many sets. I started collecting in December 2011 and now have 320 sets and 100,000+ pieces in a display room which is almost full. My life has completely changed due to Lego. I usually spend 2 hours or so after work building and a lot of time admiring creations and browsing Lego sites. I've lost some interest in collecting/playing video games and other hobbies I once had. I've also gained more interest in Star Wars, Super Heroes, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings due to the Lego themes. My wife has become more and more interested in Lego over the past year too and has started to build with me regularly. I also enjoy building with the children I work with at a mental health center, which I've found to be a great way to bond with them as well as teach patience, cooperation, following directions, and other skills.
  • OUWxGuesserOUWxGuesser Member Posts: 92
    edited February 2013
    Legos were favorite toy as a kid... was mainly into town... specifically the boats and planes/helicopters. In HS when the first SW sets came out, picked up some of those (sweet!). Fast forward another 10 years (30yo right now)... Daughter is about to turn 2... and I went absolutely nuts finding deals on Duplo... She loves playing with those, and around the same time, the parents brought up my tub of legos. Ohhh boy. I believe the wife has just now realized the animal AFOL that has been unleashed. I went back and built back as many sets as I could... first I had to spend a few weeks sorting bricks by color/size. Then I picked up ~$20 in spare bricks online to replace the ones either lost or eaten by our dogs growing up lol. Still have a few other sets to go, but it's getting harder to replace parts. Next up is an old Lego airport.

    Black Friday rolled around last year, and I just had to have the fire plane and the giant police cargo helicopter which I picked up on sale. It's snowballing from there. My office desk is a lego warzone with sets everywhere. Today my wife caught me... "hey what's that spacecraft? I don't recognize it? Did you just get it?" Me: "Um... an A-wing" Damn. caught again lol.
  • omgitsrenzoomgitsrenzo Member Posts: 46
    I find it an endless cycle of: making money , seeing a set I need, spending money, seeing another set I want , no money. That loop continues over and over again
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    edited February 2013
    Being Mr/Mrs Sr AFOL, in our 60's we aren't the average AFOL's by any stretch. We started building with Lego about April 2009. we have 453 sets, and not counting our bulk we have in excess of 177,500 parts. We really don't care if a few of our relatives think we are strange. We have an adult cousin and her hubby (in their 50's) who also play with Lego and we love getting together to talk Lego.
  • tmgm528tmgm528 Member Posts: 457
    Well me I am mainly into Dc Superheroes/Batman but I get pretty much anything. And its ablessing to everythin...BUT My wallet :(
  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    For me at one point it was all I could think of...OCD comes to mind? I have all the modulars currently out, a train, all the hobbit, two kindgoms joust...etc etc etc. The list goes on. 2012 was a big year for me in terms of purchasing. I came out of my dark ages a few years back when the classic pirate theme was launched; I cannot wait for it to come back. A few things holding me back this year: GETTING MARRIED, finances, space and really just not a lot of new sets that I find I am interested in.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,987
    A slightly different reply. I will say with the releases for 2013, I am cutting way, way back. There are very few items or themes this year that have any appeal at all to my three kids or even me.
    Basically the obsessiveness of new sets that our family has had for the past few years has been pared way, way down due to the release choices Lego has made this year. I understand many are happy, but the new lines have no draw for anyone here.

    My son has no interest in Super Hero, Lone Ranger, bug aliens, Star Wars, LOTR, Hobbit, the new city releases, etc.

    The main lines being released have almost no appeal to my girls, female minifigs in the lines continue to be fairly rare, there is no replacement to Harry Potter, and Monster Fighters was a one-off. Friends is it, and even that, my girls are tiring of because that is the only line out there, and their releases now are limited to two larger items and a few small items. Even if they had interest in all, between two girls, that still is not enough.

    The only items new items this year...
    Ninjago for my son
    Master Builder for my son
    Lego minifigs for all, and the animal Friends minifigs for all.
    Winter Village for me.

    I think, though, I will be using my stash of Lego for my son this year, since for our family, the picking are slim out there.
    For us, our obsessiveness has gone from very obsessive to a very huge cool off.

  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Member Posts: 1,013
    ^Agreed about the 2013 line up. Bug Aliens are mildly interesting. I think we'll be mainly MOCing as a family this year with mostly Bricklink purchasing.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,987
    I will admit, the larger summer vehicle that reminds me of a cool moon rover... I suspect my son will be interested in that particular Galaxy Quest set, but really, that is it. It is a shame because he loves aliens and space, but bug aliens do not do it for him. He loved Alien Conquest, though. I do not on wow that we would get that set, though.

    I could probably add in the Lone Ranger mine as one that I would enjoy, but it is not one I will be buying.
  • YodaliciousYodalicious Member Posts: 1,366
    The thing that lost it for me with Galaxy Quest was the seeming lack of minifigs. I felt that in most of the sets there weren't enough. Definitely could have made it more appealing by adding a few more baddies in some of the sets.

    As for my collection/obsession...

    2012 was my coming out of my dark ages year and I went overboard like most do. 2013 should be a more focused year. For instance, I have 5 sets I want now. I'm not buying any others until I get those 5. I did pick up a few clearanced sets early in the year, but they were wants to. I'm definitely only looking to buy what I truly want.
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