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Series 9 71000 Lego Minifigures dot points guide

cabikura1cabikura1 Member Posts: 11
edited January 2013 in Collecting
Hi all.

I put on my usual forum of lego fans, a link which i provided a guide to locate by touch the minifigures serie 9 as well as the reference points of the envelopes.

I hope you find it useful.

here is the link:

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  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    The dots thing is interesting. Never seen that before but heard it mentioned in the past. Looking at the Series 9 have on hand the dots are pretty hard to read. I see a few that have what look like a dot where they shouldnt and some that have a crinkle or crease where a dot should be but it doesn't look like a dot. I think the feeling method is still the best.
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 531
    Interesting topic and one which interests me.

    As I have mentioned to others here on the forum in conversation. The dots work great if you have the packets with all the same batch number.
    It is only series 3 where the dot codes produced worked unversally around the world.

    Series 4 onwards the dots have moved around on some not all figures. So getting a dot sheet from someone you also need the batch number the dot sheet was generated from if you have the same batch numbered packets hey presto you can use the dot sheet, if not the same batch number then the dot sheet may work but not always.

    @cabikura1, the packets I have seen batch numbers 536B2, 636B2, 242B2, 535B2, 342B2 have had some of the figures with exactly the same dots, yet others have changed per batch number.

    An example would be the heroic knight 4 different dot patterns seen across those batch numbers.

    The waiter however has been the same across all batch codes I have seen. It does not mean it is the same as I have probably seen only a fraction of the batch codes.

    So what of the others

    Hollywood Starlet, Judge, Mermaid, Mr Good & Evil, And Chicken suit guy have not changed across the batch codes and match with what you have posted.

    I use both the dot codes and then feel to 100% confirm contents.

    I can see why most people us the feel technique as the dot code is unreliable now, unless you have say 10 boxes all with the same batch number and you generate the dot sheet and then use on subsequent boxes.

  • cabikura1cabikura1 Member Posts: 11
    Dear @rich69 , I 100% agree with the information you have provided and that is a problem we have those who follow the minifigures series.

    Specifically reference the lot I've used is 641b2.

    Would be nice to the other people could be increased and the references which match or not.

    Anyway, I recommend that the points are a reference to locate the envelope containing the minifigure you want.

    After that use the feeling method to achieve a 100% that is the desired content.

  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    Did I miss an English translation of this somewhere? Google works, but not for the text in the images.
  • cabikura1cabikura1 Member Posts: 11
    Sorry @Tensor.

    The texts of the images speak from my own experience using the feeling method and describes the objects that I found easiest to the location of the minifigures.

    The text in the images say more or less:


    1. - ARMOUR
    2. - ARMA
    To locate this minifigure, I focused on his armor and specifically in the chest that has a circle (square in the battle mech), then look for the weapon, which is what distinguishes it from battle mech.

    1. - ARMOUR
    2. - NO WEAPON
    To locate this minifigure, I focused on his armor and specifically in the chest that has a square (a circle in the avenger), the absence of the weapon is what distinguishes it from battle mech.

    1. - CHEST
    To locate this minifigure, I focused on locating his chest then arms as wings are easy to identify.

    1. - MAZA (CLUB)
    To identify this minifigure Focus on finding the club, it is very easy and given the large number of this minifigure per box, you will not have any problem.

    1. - SKIRT
    2. - BOW (BOW
    To locate this minifigure, I focused on locating the skirt and once located and to distinguish it from other female characters in the series, in the bow.

    1. - SKIRT
    2. - TAROT CARDS
    To locate this minifigure, located tarot cards, the other minifigure that has a similar piece is the police ... but this has no skirt.

    1. - SHIELD
    2. - SWORD
    This minifigure is very easy to locate, find the shield.

    1. - SKIRT
    2. - AWARD "OSCAR"
    Locate the skirt and to distinguish it from other female characters in the series finds the Oscar.

    1. - GAVEL (?)
    2. - WIG
    To locate this minifigure session identifies the harness, warning beware of the dots are identical to those of the Heroic Knight, focus on sessions gavel and wig.

    1. - Mermaid tail
    2. - Starfish
    To locate this minifigure located mermaid tail (an envelope is large) then the starfish.

    1. - HAT
    2. - BOTTLE
    Locate the hat (easy to find) after the bottle, which is different from the waiter to be wider than this.

    1. - PLUNGER (?)
    2. - CAP
    Locate the plunger handle (very easy) there is no other similar piece in the series, will also guide the cap.

    1. - POLICE BADGE (?)
    To locate this minifigure Focus on the police badge (this piece matches the qeu only has the fortune teller) after the police shackles.

    1. - SKATES
    located skates are the smallest part of the whole series nine.

    1. - SQUARE
    Locate the square piece with the anagram "Veni Vidi Vici". Very easy.

    1. - TRAY
    2. - BOTTLE
    To locate this minifigure looking oval tray. You can also search the bottle is more elongated than the one in Mr. Good and evil.

    I hope I have helped.
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    The easier thing for me between the battle mech and the alien avenger is that when you find the armor piece you can easily find the angled up shoulders on the battle mech. Once you find that angle you don't have to look for the gun at all.
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 Member Posts: 11,454
    ^The real art is not looking like a fool while you are feeling the bags :)
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 Member Posts: 11,454
    ^Honestly, my wife was watching me from afar feeling bags of Series 9 and she was laughing at me because I looked like I was shoplifting.
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    Eh.. you just have to not care what other people think. I've gone in to check sales etc and have seen mothers with kids feeling bags trying to get the ones their kids want and I stop to help since I'm good at it. I've bought 3 boxes of series 9 so I did those feelings on my couch.
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 Member Posts: 11,454
    ^I save most of that for the couch too :)
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 Member Posts: 11,454
    Seriously, so far, I think Series 9 is the easiest to feel by far. I thought the Team GB was the hardest for me. Yes, there were obvious ones, but there were 2-3 I couldn't figure out.
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ I didn't have to do Team GB and am glad since it had some that weren't obviously distinct, but series 5-9 have all been easy to figure out.
  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    I think we've proven at this point the Dot codes are VERY unreliable. I haven't made a mistake feeling the last Couple Hundred (!) CMFs I've checked. In fact, most of the time someone makes a mistake they feel and ID the correct parts but don't take the right packet. I have a Forest Maiden (Brave/Merida =-) here and the dots aren't even close. Since I've been looking for them in particular here's the method I use:

    Gross Decon:
    Feel all packets quickly, place any with a 2x2x2 slope (dress) on the side. This process can be done for an entire box in just a few minutes.

    Technical Decon: Squeeze packet, Maiden is the one with rubber hair. Hard hair is Fortune Teller or Hollywood Starlet. If you feel the Bow & Arrow that's a good secondary confirmation but I find a lot of people mistaking small parts like that.

    The biggest issue is people feel any one part and assume they have it down, when those parts are similar to others, or appear more than once.

    Alien Trooper: Same as the S7 Space Marine, find the gun, or check the armor, which is best identified by feeling for the bottom back twin bars.

    Battle Mech: Feel the unique armor, and the two wing pieces

    Chicken Suit Guy: feel the torso, the arms are very different feeling (and much easier to ID than the Man-Bat from S8)

    Cyclops: Feel the club, which has a long bar and then several small spikes on the large end.

    Gypsy: Find a skirt, large Hard Plastic Hair, and TWO 1x2 tiles, not 1 like my buddy the cop (aka Pop, my grandfather, NYPD 1952-1959 before moving to the Courts =-D

    Good Knight: The sword and shield are unique, but there's also a shield in Brave, they're two different types so be wary. The best way to find him is the armor, which will flex a bit when squeezed, but sometimes works it's way over the torso or legs.

    Marilyn: Skirt, small Hard Plastic hair, small award trophy-fig, which feels like a small flat piece on top of a round base

    Judge is best found by the gavel piece, which is a long bar with a barrel shape perpendicular to the end. The hair is softer than normal, with notable ridges, but not soft like the Forest Maiden

    Mermaid: The tail is very distinctive but hard to feel, look for the top part (where the torso goes) and if you feel the large studs (like minifig hips/legs have) and then not two moving legs you've got it.

    Mr. Good & Evil: The top hat is quite distinctive in the package, as is the flask, but the top of the flask feels like the waiter's bottle. The flask is shorter, wider and has a major flare out and no flat part. The hat is a large cylinder with a broad flat rim.

    Plumber: the plunger handle is a long bar with a rubber end. Very easy to feel, but the hat is also a good sign.

    Cop: has only ONE 1x2 tile for the badge, if you feel a tile AND legs it's the cop. Make sure the tile isn't 2x2, that's Caesar. Also the handcuffs and hat are easy to feel.

    Roller Derby: if you feel a small part that seems the size of a 1x1 plate, but with texture you probably found my favorite S9 part, the roller skate, feel another and you've got her! The helmet is also simple to feel, but similar to other pieces, so don't just go on that.

    Roman Emperor: Find caesar's 2x2 tile, it's the only one. His hair is similar to others in feel but can also be discerned.

    Waiter: feel for the bottle, it's very easy. The tray is flat and has a tube on bottom to accept a stud.
  • lulwutlulwut Member Posts: 417
    Went through my box. Dot code system was useless. My Knights shared two separate dot codes with Judge and Waiter. Batch 237B2.
  • cabikura1cabikura1 Member Posts: 11
    cabikura1 said:

    Specifically reference the lot I've used is 641b2. (Batch)

    Would be nice to the other people could be increased and the references which match or not.

    Anyway, I recommend that the points are a reference to locate the envelope containing the minifigure you want.

    After that use the feeling method to achieve a 100% that is the desired content.

  • cabikura1cabikura1 Member Posts: 11
    So if you can put here the dots for 237b2 batch or others. We can help more people. thanks
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