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Mad eye moody hp070 mini fig differences

Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
edited January 2013 in Collecting
Hey fellow lego fans

I've been going through my potter collection and found out a few mad eye mini figs.

I thought I'd put one on eBay to sell on but thought I'd keep the better condition figure, on closer inspection I found there was slight differences between the two.

Both in as new condition but one had sharp more square shoulders and the other had slightly more rounded smoother corners. Here's a picture below, just thought it was a bit strange, my first thought is one could be a fake but they both came with new horntail sets so I know they are 100% genuine. Any thoughts please discuss



  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    I've seen similar issues with a few other minifigs. It always appears that a particular ink was low, or a different batch of a certain color was different and they didn't catch it. I bought 3 Helm's deep sets recently and in one of them King Theoden's sash that is printed on the legs wasn't the dark red color the other 2 was it was more of a greyish brown.
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    I suppose with so many thousands being produced there will always be slight changes, I've now checked through most of the other duplicates I have and there are very slight changes that can be noticed.

    I was more concerned about trying to sell on maybe a fake but it seems that this can be the issue through some production so I'm glad all is well and I can find him a new home.

    Thanks for your comment, olly
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ Well, these days, fakes could be a concern. But I don't know much about how to tell. I only sell minifigs from sets I part out so I'm not as worried about that as I would be if I was buying and selling rare figs.
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Member Posts: 380
    The printing looks different too - the buckles are different.
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Yeah they are, didn't spot that to be fair. Cross checking with the brickset picture that has silver buckles, mine have gold and grey. How random
  • HemelHemel Member Posts: 36
    I've noticed something similar with SW208 Saesee Tiin. I have 2 of these and one has a 'brown' belt while the other has more of an orange tint to it.
  • CrownieCrownie Member Posts: 228
    The lesson here is to always buy vast quantities of sets you enjoy.

  • recordmanrecordman Member Posts: 44
    edited January 2013
    Very cool. I dig finding variations like that. Basically, the difference is that the tan color (or whatever color the buckles are printed in) wasn't printed. Somehow it missed that step on the tempo machine.

    If you decide to sell them, I'd like to buy them ( and any other varies you have).

    Thanks, Andy
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Even though somehow these slight changes are either missed or altered depending on assembly or print its nice that there are these differences, as to us I think it brings a bit more rarity to the more sought after mini figs and makes them a bit more special in our collections
  • recordmanrecordman Member Posts: 44
    I find it interesting trying to figure out which inks were printed first. On this one, it looks like the first pad printed the tan neck, then the gray shirt was printed, followed by the black outlines with the third pad. The fourth pad should have printed the buckles and zippers.

    Back in the 80's the pad printing machines weren't as accurate as they are today. There would be all kinds of registration problems, so you'd have colors mismatched and missing all the time.

    Check out some of your older figs. You'll see what I'm talking about. I also dig the 2 torso part differences.
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Ps sorry I will be selling one of the figs as I know he is a bit sought after and would be nice to pass one onto another collector
  • recordmanrecordman Member Posts: 44
    Would you be open to sell the error?
    You can email me if you're interested, [email protected]
    Thanks, Andy
  • ZacheranoZacherano Member Posts: 59
    @Ollydc5 - I too would be interested in purchasing the error from you if you are willing to sell it. Feel free to PM me. Perhaps if you have not placed one on eBay yet, Andy and I would not have to compete (I'm sorry, @recordman).
  • recordmanrecordman Member Posts: 44
    No biggie Zach. Where's there's one, there's another. Lots of times when the production line has an error like that, it'll run bad until the operator actually notices that something is amiss. More often than not the ink cup runs out of ink. Simple as that. Fix the problem, back to normal.

    Sounds like he may like it more than he did when he posted originally…lol.

    Enjoy Olly…:-)
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Hey guys sorry for the slow reply, I've now decided to keep the error mini fig and put the corrected figure on eBay. Haven't put it up for much but here's the item number for a posible bargain :-) 321063176021
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