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[UK] EOL Sealed Sets for Sale

LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,825
I've been told by my better half that I need to go on a diet and so it's time again for me to lose some excess weight!

Below is a list of sets I have for sale. Many duplicates sold a few months back but I still have multiples left. Most are absolutely flawless in condition, a couple have the odd slight knock and a couple of light creases or two - all new and sealed though. There's nothing I'd reject and I'm picky.

PM me with an offer if you are interested. A selection of photos are included. Cheers, James.

#7191 UCS X-wing Fighter (2000)

#8097 Slave I (2010)
#8098 Clone Turbo Tank (2010)
#7956 Ewok Attack (2011)
#7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar (2011)
#7964 Republic Frigate (2010)

#4841 Hogwarts Express (2010)

#8043 Motorized Excavator (2010)

#10189 Taj Mahal (2008)

#10219 Maersk Train (2011)

#2507 Fire Temple (2011)

#10199 Winter Village Toy Shop (2009)
#3300014 Christmas Promo Set (2012)

#7946 King's Castle (2010)
#7947 Prison Tower Rescue (2010)
#7948 Outpost Attack (2010)
#7187 Escape from the Dragon's Prison (2011)
#7189 Mill Village Raid (2011)
#852921 Lion Knight Battle Pack (2010)
#852922 Dragon Knight Battle Pack (2010)

#3300001 Brickley (2011)

#7553 City Advent Calendar (2011)
#4428 City Advent Calendar (2012)


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