EXPIRED: 40% off all items at Starwarshop.com including Lego

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The sale is supposed to run March 18th-20th, but it's already been live and a lot of sets have disappeared (AT-AT, Slave I, X-wing). Nevertheless, the following are still available at the time of this post:

Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
Palpatine's Shuttle
Grievous' Starfighter
Anakin's Y-Wing Starfighter
Droid Tri-Fighter
Freeco Speeder
Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

The discount automatically shows up during the latter stages of checkout. Try coupon code SWSCAB5 for $5 off a purchase of $30+

Lego st Starwarsshop.com


  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Chicago Burbs USA (and sometimes Ireland)Member Posts: 1,004
    I am not seeing the sale prices.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,288
    You won't see them until you start the checkout process and enter your address. Then you'll see that the total is lower than the subtotal and has the discount factored in already.

    In general, the 40% brings it close to the lowest prices Amazon had this past holiday for the same sets.
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