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Legoland Malaysia Shop Help!

Just wanted to know some details about any idea of prices and the kind of items available in the Lego shops located in the Legoland Malaysia theme park. Any ideas/suggestions/help will be highly appreciated!


  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Or maybe get some information on what sorts of things can be bought from a Lego brand store....
  • BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
    From my understanding (reading someone's blog about there trip)it is pretty well stocked and they have pick a brick, but prices are very high. Typical SE Asia RRP prices which is a little more then Australian retail. From memory the UCS R2-D2 works out to be about $280 AUD, which is $30 above our retail and a $100 above US (US retail is $179.99).
  • cloud0cloud0 Member Posts: 101
    Or perhaps you can pop by Singapore for a better pricing.
    There are 20% storewide sales in Singapore all the time around this period.
    You may wish to double check before crossing the border.

    Singapore is like 45 mintues away anyway.
  • glendoglendo Member Posts: 22
    i was there in November.
    it is expensive. if you are coming from Singapore, buy it all there. PaB has a great variety, but i also expensive. the prices are equal to or higher than Australian RRP (so if you american you will have a heart attack)

    lego merchandise wasnt that bad though.
  • glendoglendo Member Posts: 22
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Great article and nice work with the pictures @glendo. But I was curious about the items available in the stores in the theme park. What kind of items are available. Another friend of mine told me all items we see on are available in the stores. But prices vary. I am mainly interested in the PaB, some new 2013 sets and of course the polybags.
  • glendoglendo Member Posts: 22
    there was a lot of polybags there.. thanksgiving ones if i remember correctly.
    PaB was 35RMD per 100g.. check your local currency converter for that. PaB had an OK range.
    you can buy stuff throughout the entire park, but it's all available at the big shop. yes, they pretty much sell whatever is available on lots of all the sets, exclusives, modulars etc etc... a very well stocked shop.
    all the sets are imported by a Malaysian company that must have exclusive rights = expensive... all the lego merchandise etc is TLG, and is priced about the same as buying it at any other LL
    i dont know if 2013 sets are there yet, but look up singapore AFOL sites, as they go there regularly. white fang on EB is a great guy to ask i think.
  • lovelegolovelego Member Posts: 16
    hi coolsplash, I was super excited when legoland opened in Malaysia. I was hoping for a PAB wall that was at least similar to legostores worldwide. I was truly disappointed. Not only was it expensive (US10 per 100gms versus approx US15 for a big cup in the US!), the range was anemic! Posted some pics here with pricing for your viewing. The pic with a boy in the foreground is a pic of the PAB wall, which is in the background!

    The lego shop in singapore is definitely a cheaper place compared to Malaysia to buy lego. Take for example, Helms Deep. It is US$216 in Malaysia versus US$185 (before tourist refund of 5%). Lego in Malaysia is more expensive compared to Singapore, fact. The cheapest Asian city to buy lego is in Hong Kong. As for worldwide, no where beats buying from the US though!


  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    I know what you mean @lovelego. But sadly as my brother was touring Malaysia I had asked him to get me some items but told him the prices on which he did confirm that prices are very high. I personally know vendors in Singapore who sell Lego and even their prices are up. Lego is expensive in this region (and my region) so I am usually buying from the US and other places wherever I am able to get bargains. And forgot to mention, nothing from 2013 sets was available at the Legoland Malaysia store so that part sucks :P but, thank you for the prices and info mate :)
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    edited February 2013
    lovelego said:

    I was hoping for a PAB wall that was at least similar to legostores worldwide. I was truly disappointed. Not only was it expensive (US10 per 100gms versus approx US15 for a big cup in the US!), the range was anemic!

    That is the same price that they charge for pick a brick in the US at Lego Discovery Centers (which are also not owned by lego). They don't do the cups at LDCs, just by weight.
  • b3b3kb3b3k Member Posts: 12
    if you are in Australia try norfolk island. they sell cheap lego. u can have surface mail or air mail...too bad surface mail can take up to 2 months to arrive but of course cheaper shipping. too bad they dont have the collector edition or hard to find item. other than that...their goods are not so bad with the price
    link here:
    you can email them and ask for the catalogue: [email protected]

    "Norfolk Island boasts the cheapest Lego in the world, and has a huge range of models, games and pastimes.
    Be careful though, time passes very quickly in a toyshop......even for adults!"
  • glendoglendo Member Posts: 22
    has anyone used them? Norfolk Island is famous for cheap lego, but i have not heard a single AFOL report how good/bad it is?
  • b3b3kb3b3k Member Posts: 12
    i did used them, twice so far and so far is good. i was satisfied with my purchased and their service. They all arrived safely, well except for 1 box got squashed on the corner because of the delivery.
    i think the negative side is they take a while to arrive and don't buy them during sales/discount time in Australia. because their price after shipping is the same when we have approx 30% off.
    i am currently requesting for their newest catalogue. when i get them, i will post it here.
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