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WANTED: Castle and Kingdoms related sets

UnakiUnaki Member Posts: 9
I have been in love with the Castle/Kingdoms line (Including Vikings, Knights, etc) since I was little though I never actually got to own them. Now that I am 22 I want to start collecting them.

List of what I have:
Kingdoms Joust 10223

Most wanted:
Medieval Bazaar 10193
Battle at the Pass 8813
Citadel of Orlan 8780
Vladek's Black Fortress 8877
Castle of Morcia 8781
The Grand Tournament 8779

Again that list is what I am most interested in as far as starting out the collection. I prefer the sets to be 100% complete or even NiB but I can let things slide. As long as your set includes all the instructions and all the pieces that are clean with stickers I will be fine with it. I would love if you had the box as well though. Regarding pieces, I can understand if you are missing a couple pieces (Not including minifigs. I REQUIRE them to be all there) because I can always just find them on Bricklink and fill out the set.

I don't have really anything to trade other than non-LEGO anime figures so it would definitely have to be done via paypal. I highly prefer dealing within the US and would like to avoid International shipping as much as possible though it doesn't mean I won't deal with you if you live outside the US.


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