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Make an offer on the lot - 25 excellent condition sets Circa 1976

ScottLegoScottLego Member Posts: 2
edited January 2013 in Marketplace
Thanks to those who previously posted comments on my last topic 12th Jan.

Presently I am open to someone coming around and making an offer for the lot.
Spending any more time listing each set on line is NOT my preference or sending all the pictures or posting anything. So someone who wants to do this will defiantly have a win.

Having said that I do have some photographs of sets assembled and next to the box and instruction’s.

All sets have been just assembled and are complete, unless noted below , they are in excellent condition and in well looked after boxes;

Set # Description

D182 Train Set ** 32 extra straight lengths of track inc
C148 Train Station
C147 Freezer train carriage
C107 Motor Set
C103 Motor Set ** incomplete
D182 Cogs and Wheels ** one long and one short axel missing but
additional 1 of each of the medium sizes
D393 Norton Motorcycle
D146 Rail Road Crossing set
154 Rail diverter 2 sets
155 Rail line crossing
151 Rail track curves 2 sets
150 Rail track straight
698 Aircraft - Leer jet ?
C614 Tractor
936 Wheels
995 Light Set
656 Car & Camper
661 Aircraft – Spirit of St Louis
615 Fortlift
C659 Police
664 TV Crew
658 Firetruck
C691 Helicopter ** Box damaged & 1 rotor spinner broken
939 Flags & Signs **top of box a bit tatty (rip open style of box)
75% of stickers still unused
911 Lego Set **guesstimate of 96% complete. I am yet to go through the
parts listing
2 Lego Set Basic Set ** incomplete

Brochures: # 67 Various 1976 ones a 1974 and a 1979 and an original Lego plastic carry bag and 2 sticker sheets.

Preferred method of contact: mobile 0414 997 002 I only go online now and again.




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