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Which Silver?

kpnuts67kpnuts67 Member Posts: 4
Please can someone throw some light on a colour query I have.
I've just bought set 31003 and when checking the parts list on a couple of sites the 1x2 grilles are listed as being Flat Silver.
When comparing them to my metallic silver ones in my spares they looked the same colour to me.
Can anyone tell me if they are the same colour and if so what should I now record them as (ie on Bricklink etc).



  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    edited January 2013
    Looking at the parts list on Brickset, its listed as Laquered, Cool Silver, Drum Laq.

    I picked a random set on Bricklink that had a metallic silver grille listed in its inventory (on Bricklink), and on Brickset its listed as the same colour as above (Laquered, Cool Silver, Drum Laq).

    So I'm guessing Bricklink has inventoried the wrong colour.
  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,037
    Bricklink is terribly inconsistent when it comes to labeling metallic colors. Just as a point of reference, Bricklink's "Copper" encompasses three or four visibly distinct copper colors.

    In general, Bricklink's "Metallic Silver" is equivalent to TLG's "Cool Silver, Drum Lacquered". But since Bricklink inventories are user-generated there are common errors. Any time you see a BIONICLE part listed as "Metallic Silver" on Bricklink, it's really either Silver Metallic (post-2010 pearl silver), Silver (pre-2010, non-2006 pearl silver) or Cool Silver (2006 pearl silver). These timelines are an approximation, of course, since colors are rolled out for different themes at different times and later production runs of sets can often use newer colors than earlier ones.

    In the case of this particular set, I imagine either a person with little experience with metallic colors and the Bricklink naming system inventoried the set for Bricklink, or a person who did not actually own the set inventoried it based on the instruction manual/replacement parts database and assumed TLG's "Silver Metallic" was the same as Bricklink's "Metallic Silver",
  • kpnuts67kpnuts67 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Aanchir - I think I've got my head round it!
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