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[NORWAY] 6857 Dynamic Duo Funhuse Escape Price Reduction at Shop @ Home

It seems the price of the set 6857 Dynamic Duo Funhuse Escape has been permanently reduced at, from 500 NOK to 300 NOK. It's not on sale, it just doesn't cost as much as it used to anymore.

This is good news for anyone who hasn't bought this set (which is extremely hard to find in Norway), although it makes me a bit bitter, since I bought it from for 500 NOK and had to pay over 100 NOK in customs. Good thing I had free shipping at least.

By Norwegian standards, this is pretty cheap for a set of this size, and the price reduction actually makes it slightly cheaper than it is in England, although it still costs less in the U. S.


  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    I noticed and ordered it this morning, but I was sure it had to be a pricing error! If not, Norway has one of the lowest (or is it the lowest) rrps for this set, and that makes absolutely no sense, does it? I would certainly wish a new trend like that welcome!

    I see that Apple tree house has increased from 399 to 499 nkr, by the way...
  • SapmiSatanSapmiSatan Member Posts: 106
    It's still cheaper in the U. S. But it cost less than half there with the original pricing, so that's no surprise.

    By the way, could you let me know if you have to pay customs when the set arrives? Mine was apparently sent from Germany, and I had to pay over 100 NOK extra. (Which means the free shipping wasn't that free after all...)
  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    [email protected] had a problem with getting some code right or something for a while, you are not supposed to ever pay anything extra when buying from them. That problem lasted for a long time, but it is solved now. They will refund what you had to pay if you mail them the receipt. Even if you don't have it, I would contact them and hear if they can work something out for you.
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