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Hoboman: Hello from California

HobomanHoboman Member Posts: 9
edited June 2011 in Introduce yourself

I have come back to Lego after many years thanks to my son showing an interest in Lego. He started into the Star Wars theme but I have found my interest is in the Castle/Kingdoms theme.

I look forward to a long time with Lego now.

Hoboman Sr.


  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,543
    Welcome aboard, Hoboman!
  • HobomanHoboman Member Posts: 9
    Thank You Huw. I found the site and forum while looking up some Lego sets. It was a very nice find in my opinion.
  • PaulTRPaulTR Member Posts: 115
    Nice to meet you!
  • legolawmanlegolawman Member Posts: 6
    Hi. I am also from California. (Northern California, North of Sacramento) We do not have any Lego user groups up here but the forum is the next best thing...Thanks Brickset.
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