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My first MOC

Recently came out of my dark ages, when I brought some Harry Potter sets, including Diagon Alley 10217, and decided to build the Leaky Cauldron. Apologies for the pictures.




  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    Welcome aboard! That's quite a nice build, especially for a 'beginner' (Though I have to say, it makes me think more of the 'Prancing Pony' from Lord of the Rings). However, I think you'll find that the mods don't really like people posting their MOCs unless it's to "foster discussion". ( That said, there are plenty of places you can do so, most prominently
  • videodjvideodj Member Posts: 2
    Ok, didn't realise about posting MOC's. Can't remember the 'Prancing Pony' and I know the Leaky Cauldon was a different shape, more a corner budiling, which I did try to brgin with. I just didn't like it. I was also thinking darker bricks may help give it a more gloomy look. The good thing with Lego is that you can dismantle and try again!
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