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Hi from Down Under

Hi all,

Been lurking for a little while now so thought I should introduce myself...

I've just re-discovered my lego from the early 80's as my oldest child (who is massively into dinosaurs) started with the Dino series for his 4th birthday. Currently he thinks my original yellow castle and some earlyish space and city stuff is "boring" but I'm sure I'll turn him - perhaps as he helps me re-build the castle, fire and police stations.

I have bought a couple of very small Star Wars sets and am looking at bricklinking the UCS Vader Tie, although I may have a crack at the 8017 set first to get my head around bricklink. Any tips would be appreciated.

Anyway funds and time are somewhat limited with a young family and my other hobby - golf, both playing and amateur club building.



  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    Welcome aboard.

    You will find as time goes on your collection will grow like you won't believe. It starts off for your kid and as time goes on you get more hooked.

    My 3 year old loves the Monster Fighter range, mainly as he can shine a torch on them, turn the light off and watch them glow.
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