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New Orleans area.......

Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
I was wondering if there are any other AFOL's in the New Orleans are or any groups. Would be great to find like minded people close by to get together with to talk,trade and build Lego with.


  • USMCYodzUSMCYodz Member Posts: 94
    I really haven't been able to find any.

    I live in Pensacola which is only about an hour and a half from there.
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    I have only lived down here for a couple of years. I moved down here from Cleveland Ohio for work so I'm still in the process of finding my way around.
  • jadedancjadedanc Member Posts: 1,302
    Originally from Louisiana :) Lived in NO for 5 yrs near Jefferson & Causeway, Baton Rouge for about 15 yrs. In the Army now and stationed in Seattle, Washington
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    Its not bad down here its just really different then up home. It almost seems like if your not into hunting ,fishing,drinking or a foodie then there isnt much else to do. Up homewe had 5 month out of the year where you didnt really leave your house so we tended to have more indoor hobbies...hence the comics and lego.
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